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i think the song tick tok is on kesha album and it alson on now 33 but one now 33 theres only one song of hers on there

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Q: What album is the song tick tok on?
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What song made Kesha famous?

TicK ToK

What is so bad about kesha's song tick tok?

its bad cause it talks about drinking and partying

How do you spell tick tock the song by Kesha?

The sound of a clock is usually indicated by the hyphenated form tick-tock, but also by the one word variant ticktock.(*the 2009 song by Ke$ha was spelled Tik Tok)

What does tik tok mean Besides it is a song name and the sound of clock does it have any other meaning?

No, it's simply the sound made by a clock. Even "the song" is named after the sound made by a clock. (listen to the lyrics "tick tock on the clock") Also the correct spelling is: tick tock; the song is deliberately misspelled as tik tok.

What CD has the song tick tock?

The album Animal- Ke$ha. by,airextream

Im the bomb like tick tick was in what album?

Lil Wayne's album

What was kesha's first song?

Ke$ha's first song was with Flo Rida singing 'Right Round' (she was the girls voice in the chorus).Ke$ha's next official song was 'My First Kiss' it was by an artist group called 3OH!3 and she featured in this song. This song was on the album, 'Streets of Gold' which was released in 2009 by 3OH!3.Her first official album release song was 'TiK ToK' from her album, 'Animal'. Although she released 'TiK ToK' as her first hit single, Ke$ha's first song she wrote, for this album, was 'Your Love Is My Drug' which she then released third after 'Blah Blah Blah'. 'Blah Blah Blah' also featured 3OH!3.Tic Tok.

What album is tik tok from?


How may bombs are there in the tick tok level in sniper assassin 5?


What sound does a clock make?

"Tick-tock" is the general English onomatopoeia for the sound made by an analog clock.

Which English song is used recently in the advertise of sony erickson video walkman mobile phone?

The song is "Tik tok" performed by kesha in her album named ANIMAL! have fun... :)

When was Taboo - Buck-Tick album - created?

Taboo - Buck-Tick album - was created in 1988-08.