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The Album Coast To Coast released in 2000

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Q: What album is close your eyes westlife on?
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When was Close Your Eyes - album - created?

Close Your Eyes - album - was created in 1995.

When was Turnaround - Westlife album - created?

Turnaround - Westlife album - was created on 2003-11-24.

When was Don't Close Your Eyes - album - created?

Don't Close Your Eyes - album - was created on 1988-05-31.

What Ozzy osbourne album is the song close your eyes forever on?

Close Your Eyes Forever is on a Lita Ford album.

What album is Forever by Westlife?

The song "Forever" by Westlife does not appear on a studio album, but is the B Side of their first single, Swear It Again, released in 1999.

What chart position did westlife debut album get to?

No. 2.

What colour eyes does Shane filan have in westlife?


Where is westlife?

Westlife are actually based in the UK and live in their home country Ireland. They currently have their 10th studio album out which is called "Where We Are" and this was out December 30th 09.

Who origanlly san Aready there By Westlife?

Already There Was Origanally written and sung by a band named lonestar&westlife covered it on there back home album x

What happened to westlife?

nothing has happened to Westlife! They are still going strong! Their latest single, Safe, was a great single! They are on tour and they are set to release another album in the summer!

Where is westlife now?

Westlife's new album Where We Are will be out on November 30th, and their new single "What About Now" was out on October 25th. They are right now promoting their new album through radio and interviews.

Whats the name of the childrens lullaby album with close your eyes by James Taylor?

I am looking for the same album. It had several other popular great artists.