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It's on the Wayne's World 4.5 Mixtape

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Q: What album is all alone by lil Wayne on?
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When was Lights Out - Lil Wayne album - created?

Lights Out - Lil Wayne album - was created in 1999.

When was Rebirth - Lil Wayne album - created?

Rebirth - Lil Wayne album - was created in 2008.

What is lil Wayne's most popular album?

the most popular album the lil Wayne has came out with is the carter lll

What album is eminems song drop the world?

the song is made by lil Wayne and can be found in the album reburth by lil Wayne

What is Lil Wayne's latest ablum?

The latest album lil Wayne is working on is No Ceilings!

What Lil Wayne album went doulbe platinum?

Lil Wayne's album that went double platinum is ''Tha Carter III''

What is lil Wayne sophomore album?

Lil Wayne's sophomore album was 'Lights Out', released in 2000, following his first solo album, 'Tha Block Is Hot'.

Does Lil Wayne sing Misunderstood?

YES.......Lil Wayne Does RAP the song Misunderstood.........i think its on the Album the Carter 3

When was Comfortable released by Lil' Wayne?

Comfortable was released by Lil' Wayne in 2008. The song is featured in the Lil' Wayne album Tha Carter III and this is song no. 5 in the album. The song is about 4 minutes long.

What are Lil Wayne's rock album?


What was Lil Wayne's last album?


What is Lil Wayne's second album?

Lights out