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It came from Mo Thugs 2

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Q: What album did the song Ghetto Cowboy come from?
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When did Tupac release the song Ghetto Gospel?

Tupac released the song 'Ghetto Gospel' in the year 2004. The song 'Ghetto Gospel' was released as the second single on his 2004 album entitled 'Loyal to the Game'.

When did the song ghetto gospel come out?


What album is the song Boom Boom Baby by Rihanna?

"Boom Boom" (feat. Rihanna) is on Chan's "Ghetto Story" album.

What do people like about the song Ghetto Cowboy by the bone thugs?

If your a real bone thugs fan then you'll like it.

What song features space cowboy and Flo rida?

starstruck - by lady gaga, space cowboy and flo rida. its on her Fame Album

When was Ghetto - Akon song - created?

Ghetto - Akon song - was created in 2003.

When was Ghetto Story - song - created?

Ghetto Story - song - was created in 2005.

Which Lady Gaga song features Space Cowboy and Flo rida?

Starstruck, which you can hear on her debut album the fame.

What Elton John composition was used in a Tupac song?

The name of the Elton John song that is sampled in the Tupac song "Ghetto Gospel" is "Indian Sunset." It is on the 1971 album Madman Across The Water.

What album is the Kid Rock song Cowboy on?

Cowboy is the lead single by Kid Rock off of his album Devil Without a Cause. This was Kid Rock's breakthrough single in the United States and it hit 82 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

What was the first album and song that Jason Mraz did?

the remedy(i won't worry)song waiting for my rocket to come, album

What album does the song I'll Be There by the Jackson 5 come from?

It's on the Third Album.