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In, D12 World by D12 there is a song called My Band if that is what you meant.

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Q: What album by Eminem has your band?
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Beautiful by Eminem was on his Relapse Album ;)

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Eminem's new album is American Nightmare

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Eminem's top Selling Album is Recovery

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It's from Encore, Eminem's fifth album released in 2004.

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Infinite - Eminem album - was created in 1995-11.

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When was Encore - Eminem album - created?

Encore - Eminem album - was created on 2004-11-12.

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The song "Underground" by Eminem was released with his "Recovery" album. This album was released in 2009. Eminem performed the song "Underground" at the album's release party in Detroit.

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Eminem - Recoverd.