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He was 26 in season one, so 30-31.

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Q: What age is dean Winchester in season 4?
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What sunglasses is Dean Winchester wearing in Supernatural season 10 episode 4 Paper Moon?

Oakley Holbrook

What will happen in supernatural's season 4 finale?

does dean come out of hell

How does dean Winchester almost die in season 1 of supernatural?

No nobody dies at the end of Season 5 (except Lucifer and Michael go back inside their cage), SPOILER ALERT- Castiel gets blown up and bobby gets his neck broken by Lucifer temporally, yet are brought back to life shortly after.

What episode of Supernatural did Dean scream Meow in?

Yellow fever, season 4, episode 6

When is coming of age series 4 on?

there is no season 4 coming out because they finished after season 3

How does dean get out of hell in supernatural series 4?

An angel named Castiel, he is seen in Season 4, 5 and 6. God sent castiel bearing in mind that dean was destined to stop the apocalpse

What episode did dean come back from hell in?

Dean goes to hell in the end of season 3 but made the deal with the crossroads demon to save Sams life after another of the phycic demon blood people stabs him in the back in the end of season 2. Then at the start of season 4 an angel named castiel, under the order of god, pulls him out of hell with no bruises or scars.

What are the release dates for Supernatural - 2005 Are You There God It's Me Dean Winchester 4-2?

Supernatural - 2005 Are You There God It's Me Dean Winchester 4-2 was released on: USA: 25 September 2008 Japan: 21 October 2009 (DVD premiere) Germany: 23 November 2009 Netherlands: 30 May 2010 Finland: 19 April 2011 Belgium: 27 February 2012 Hungary: 24 August 2012

What song is played in supernatural season 4 episode 6 yellow fever when dean Take his phone?

= Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (with lyrics) =

What is the age of a Winchester Model 70 with the serial number 118218?

29 years and 4 months old. Just Checked it out.

How tall is Dean Whatton?

Dean Whatton is 4' 6".

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 70 30-06 with a 4 digit serial less than 2000? has sn data.