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It is unknown how old Beethoven was when he first started playing, but his first public performance was in 1778, when he was not even eight years old.

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at the age of three

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Q: What age did Mozart first learn music?
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What age was Mozart when he composed his first peice of music?

He was 5 yrs old when he composed his first piece of music!

At what age did Mozart learn to play piano?

he started playing piano at aged 4 or 5 don't know about violin. =D

What is an fact on Mozart?

Mozart started to write music at the age of 6

Did Mozart complete his first composition until the age of 40?

On the contrary, Mozart composed his first piece of music at about age 5 or 6. There is a rumour that his first piece was "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" but he did not compose that song.

Mozart composed his first sonata at what age?

Most historians believe he composed his first works at age 5 or 6.Initially Mozart wrote simple songs (contrary to popular belief, he did not compose the music to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), but at the age of six he did indeed write his first sonata, the Violin and Keyboard in C major K. 6.

How old was Mozart when began composing music?

Mozart wrote his first opera when he was 12 years old. Becuse he was inspired by music.

What age did wolfgang amadeus Mozart start playing music?

At the age of three, it was apparent that Mozart was a musical prodigy and he was taught to play the harpsichord, violin, and organ by his father. More about Mozart can be found at -

What instruments does Mozart music play?

Mozart played the piano At the age of only 3 :O

What two instruments did mozart play first?

Mozart mostly used the piano and the violin, as these were what he was principally tutored in.

What was Mozart's first song?

his first song that he wrote was called 'An die Freude.' He composed this song at the age of only 4 and started playing music at the age of 3. His first instuments were Harpsicord, violin and organ; his father taught him

When did Mozart start performing his music?

his first concert was when he was 6

What did Mozart do at the age of 5?

at the age of 6 Mozart wrote his first symphony.