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Gemma Arterton

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Q: What actresses have worn a ball gag?
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Are there any dangers to using a ball gag?

There are some dangers when using a ball gag. Ball gags can be pretty rough on the jaw. Two major concerns when purchasing a ball gag are the material of the ball gag and the size of the ball gag.

How can your best friends sister and you date?

Ball gag?

When the first time ball gag was ever used?


What actors and actresses appeared in Mad Gag - 2010?

The cast of Mad Gag - 2010 includes: Andy Brosseau as Dr. Scratch Christopher Kovach as Gag

What is the thing that is a red ball with a string that you put in your mouth so you cant talk?

That would be called a ball gag.

What actors and actresses appeared in Gag Buster - 1957?

The cast of Gag Buster - 1957 includes: Bern Bennett as Spoofy

Can dress blues be worn to the ball?

that is what you wear to the ball...

In human anatomy where does one find the uvula?

The uvula is the hanging ball in the back of the throat that triggers the gag reflex.

What would it mean when someone gagged a ball?

When someone has been ball gagged it means that someone has been silenced. A ball gag is an object that is placed in someone's mouth to get them to stop speaking or making noise.

Who invented the ball gag?

I think the Catholic Church used it since witch burning times to gag heretics who might say something while being executed. Not sure, I hope someone can pinpoint this one.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Next Morning - 2009?

The cast of The Next Morning - 2009 includes: Timothy Everett Moore as Tim Chad Ridgely as Chad Thesy Surface as Tasty Doug Swim as Ball - Gag Guy

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