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The same one on the progressive commercials.

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rose magowan

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Q: What actress does the voice on the Ooma TV commercial?
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Who is the actress in tv commercial the one in the insurance store?

I believe it's Kari Byron from Mythbusters. Same voice according to my ears

Who is the voice in the talking pothole commercial?

Dayci Brookshire (NY indie actress...her full resume is on IMDB).

Who is the actress in the Hydrolyze commercial?

If you are talking about the black actress in that commercial, I want to know too. The cutest person on TV!

Who is the actress in the direct tv referral queen commercial?

The actress who appears as the referral queen in the Direct TV commercial is Hannah Davis. In addition to this commercial she has appeared as background characters in some television shows and movies.

Who is actress in alli television commercial?

wynonna judd

Who is the actress in the Dockers TV commercial?

Karolina Wydra

Who is the blonde actress in the office max commercial?

The name of the blonde actress in the Office Max commercial is Olivia Boyce. The commercial last aired on television on September 7, 2013.

Who is the blond actress in the tire-rack commercial the proposal?

The actress in the Tire-rack commercial is Anna Zielinski. She is an actress from Texas who has appeared in the TV series How I Met Your Mother.

Who is actress in the Jardiance commercial?

The actress in the Jardiance Commercial that has Hot Air Balloons is Caryn Richman.

Who is the brunette actress in dish network commercial?

whos the hot brunette in the dish tv commercial ?

Who are the actresses in the Seasonique TV commercial?

The actress is Lindsay Campbell