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As of 2017, the living members of the regular cast of Combat! (1962-1967) are:

- Tom Lowell (PVT Billy Nelson), born January 17, 1941

- Jack Hogan (PFC Kirby),born November 25, 1939

- Steven Roger (PFC Doc Walton), born April 18, 1937

- Conlan Carter (PFC Doc), born October 3, 1934

- Shecky Greene (PVT Braddock), born April 8, 1926

Rick Jason (2LT Hanley) died in 2000 (age 77)

Vic Morrow (SGT Saunders) died while filming The Twilight Zone movie in 1982 (age 53).

Dick Peabody (PFC Littlejohn) died in 1999 (age 74)

Pierre Jalbert (PVT Caje LeMay) died in 2014 (age 89)

William Bryant (PVT McCall) died in 2001 (age 77)

William Harlow (PVT Davis) died in 1996 (age 74)

Michael Masters (PVT Burns) died in 2003 (age 74)

*No bio data available for Fletcher Fist (PVT Brockmeyer) or Dennis Robertson (PVT Baker).

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Q: What actors from COMBAT are still alive?
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