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The cast of Mid Life Christmas - 2009 includes: Lorraine Ashbourne as Catheter Finch Emily Atack as Cranchesterford teenager Natasha Bednall as Victorian Child in Larkrise scene Neil Bell as Blacksmith Naomi Bentley as Deirdre Gumbarton Gina Bramhill as Araminty Finch Gabriel Churchill as Teenage TV viewer Bob Cryer as Steve Codlington Jennie Dale as Freda Anton du Beke as himself Henry Durham as Teenage TV viewer Steve Elias as Barry Lauren Hood as Cranchesterford teenager Richard Lintern as Lord Charles Cranborne Tony Maudsley as Postman Nika McGuigan as Cranchesterford teenager Stephen Mear as Nick Hewer Wendy Nottingham as Miss Muslin Bel Powley as Cranchesterford teenager Daniel Ryan as Halibut Finch Abdul Salis as Andy Cafferty Reece Shearsmith as Vicar Delia Smith as herself Julian Stolzenberg as TV producer Harriet Thorpe as Eve Bluston Jayne Torvill as herself Marcia Warren as Arnica Jason Watkins as Colin Albert Welch as Customer Michaela Welch as Customer Victoria Wood as Various characters

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The cast of Once Upon a Midnight Dreary - 2003 includes: Marina Biggs as Linda Israel Colon as Tom Paterson John Gaydos as Niles Krista Kujat as Ellen Ashton Karl Peterson as Sam, Creature Jacquelin Sibblies as Officer 2, Hotel Guest 3 Katie Spades as Kara - Lost Girl Kim Swennen as Stephanie, Hotel Guest 1 Jennifer Wetmore as Mrs. Ashton

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The cast of Upon a Midnight Clear - 2009 includes: Joe Ables as Lead Paparazzi Linzey Acord as Extra Noah Acord as Mark Mayfield Giovanni Antonello as George "Crazy Legs" Simmons Judy Arizpe as Mrs. Radcliffe Robin Avila as Sharri Sky Azure Van Vliet as Susan - Student Extra Brooke Barder as Fashion Audience Trant Batey as Larry Mayfield Samantha Baugnon as Sandra - Mean Girl Martha Bejarano as Fashion Audience Catrin Bennett as Fashion Model Sonya Brock as Mrs. Frogger Beth Burroughs as Rachael Allicaster Carolyn Cadena as Fashion Model Spencer Carter as Student 1 Katelyn Crawford as Hannah - Student Extra Elise Czuchna as Julia David Dacy as Principal Frank Mayer Shaun Danford as Waiter Richard Dodwell as Jordan Welsh Harriet Emmons as Nurse Halley Foshee as Fashion Audience Derek Franzese as Jerry Adam Franzese as Stage Announcer Andre Fuqua as Ergo Guard 2 Noe Garcia Robles as Fashion Businessman 2 Jarrah Garrett as Fashion Audience Leah Gaston as Frost Allicaster Jourdan Gibson as Judy Mayfield David Girvin as Fashion Audience Sarah Guerrero as Scarlet Toren Hogan as Fashion Audience Cary Holmes as Fashion Audience Jenny Keto as Jazz Hamilton Katheline Layton as Nicole - Cafe Patron Eric Leikam as Fashion Audience Hannah Meddagh as Fashion Audience Evelyn Minton as Frost Allicaster - Baby Christopher Monteverde as Fashion Audience William Orendorff as Griffon Mayhew Erika Pearl Jones as Carol Anne Melodee Peters as Kara - Mean Girl Ed Pope as Guard Melvin Dimitrius Pulido as Mr. Ergo Silver Renee as Rebekah Mayfield Arik Renee Avila as Director Kevin Ritcherson as Agent T.R. Dex Ashley Santiago as Mean Girl Alissa Shores as Backstage Stylist Devon Sinclair as Lauren Sherin Solara as Patricia Gladstone - ET Reporter Kelly Tomasino as Kristian Holland Kimberly Unik as Fashion Model Johnny Vacca as UPS Delivery Man Liz Waters as Georgia Devin Wells as Student 2 Lauren Whiteley as Sandra

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The cast of Midnight Video - 2009 includes: Pete Cathone as Celebrity Actor Derek Dellaripa as Dancing Customer Ellie Foumbi as Girlfriend Customer Mike Rosa as Williams Edward Steven Mesa as Boyfriend Customer

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Upon a Midnight Clear - 2009?
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