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The cast of The Nook - 2000 includes: Martin Lysaght

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in The Nook - 2000?
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Bruce Wayne is an extremely gifted man intellectually, possessed of a not-quite genius to genius level of intelligence. At the very least, he is incredibly clever, often preferring to utilize finesse and well crafted plans rather than brute force to get things done. He is not capable of computing complex permutations in his head like a living computer, but he does grasp concepts with relative ease and requires little time to learn something new. This aids and is somewhat responsible for his analytical, methodical nature.** ActingActing has become a staple of Bruce's repertoire of skills, utilizing it nearly every day to fool the public into thinking the dim-witted, fun-loving Brucie Wayne is a reality. He has trained himself in convincingly faking his emotions and moving/speaking in different, sometimes subtle, ways. He often employs his ability to act well with his disguises, creating and assuming entirely new identities, complete with their own unique mannerisms, characteristics, and body language. Even the "character" of Brucie is more complex than one might initially realize, as when out in public, Bruce's voice, the way he speaks, the way he stands and walks, etc., are all different from his natural tendencies. This also makes him an excellent liar, able to hide his true thoughts and project whatever he wants to instead. *** AcademicsDuring his world travels, Bruce spent much of his time in various universities, involving himself seriously in academics as well as applied skills. As such, he is insanely well versed in a myriad of disciplines, holding advanced degrees in biology, chemistry, criminology, physics, and computer science in addition to lesser degrees in criminal justice, engineering, and forensic sciences. In addition, he has vehemently studied geography, history, literature, mathematics, medicine, mythology, philosophy, and theology. He is an excellent student, researcher, and writer, a quick learner who has learned to apply his vast pool of knowledge. Often times, he has had to employ his less crime-oriented education in his war due to the unique situations and quirks his enemies possess; a great deal of Bruce's extended education has been self-taught after he began his war on crime, motivated by the oddly inspired villains he now fights. For example, when fighting someone like Maxie Zeus, it pays to have a working knowledge of Greek mythology. AthleticsHaving begun intense physical training since a very young age, Bruce is an extremely accomplished athlete, performing at levels beyond most Olympic athletes. He is a very strong runner and swimmer, able to move swiftly for lengthy periods of time before finally succumbing to true fatigue and muscular failure. Having trained in weight lifting for so long, he is not only strong but knowledgeable in how to properly apply force in the moving of heavy objects, allowing him to avoid injury and possibly out-lift those whose physical power would equal his, but who rely upon brute force to manipulate their environment. He is an adept acrobat and gymnast, possessed of an immense sense of balance and equilibrium and capable of performing complex aerial maneuvers and ground tumbles; this aids him in his ability to take a fall with less injury as well as dodging in a combat situation. Finally, he is an expert climber, able to quickly scale and traverse the urban landscape of Gotham City. DisguisesBruce has taught himself the creation and application of convincing disguises, as acting ability alone cannot make for a completely new identity, especially for someone whose face is famous across the globe. He has crafted entirely new faces for himself, and this coupled with his acting skills, allows him to immerse himself entirely in a new identity for infiltration or hiding purposes. CriminalisticsIn preparation for his war on crime, Bruce trained himself in the many aspects of detecting, collecting, and analyzing physical evidence related to a crime. He is a nearly peerless expert in the various disciplines of the forensic sciences, often able to use the evidence at his disposal to reconstruct crime scenes. Whereas this often does little to actually identify a suspect or immediately solve a case (lest they be one of his habitually offending, unique enemies with their own calling cards and tell-tale signs), it does aid in the narrowing down of potential suspects and the confirmation of one or more during follow-up investigations.Bruce is a virtual expert in ballistics, firearm/ammunition identification and analyzation, forensic DNA comparisons, blood spatter analysis, fingerprint collection and analysis, metallurgical and chemical analyzation and comparison, handwriting and document examination, etc. Computers With a degree in computer sciences, Bruce is more than competent with computers. He can certainly make his way around them and has a handle on how most programs, even alien, work. Though by no means a true computer genius or expert hacker, he is capable of writing his own programs, setting up networks, and is able to get into systems he's not supposed to with the right tools. In addition to software, he is quite knowledgeable in the hardware aspects of computers, having personally built and dismantled maEngineeringOpting to equip himself rather than trusting another to do it for him, Bruce persued an education in engineering. As such, all of the Batman's equipment was designed by Bruce, mostly by first taking an initial model - sometimes some new prototype taken directly from Wayne Tech - and then making various improvements and modifications; much of his equipment has taken many forms during his career (the Batmobile is a prime example of this), having been gradually tinkered with and improved as time went by. Bruce has his limitations as an inventor, of course, as he does not actually build most of the things he designs, covertly using Wayne Tech to do the manufacturing piece by piece, and he is generally not capable of spontaneously inventing things that represent vast leaps in new technology.He is also an adept mechanic, and though Harold is usually the one nowadays to repair and maintain the Batman's arsenal, Bruce is quite capable of doing it himself. Escape artistryDuring his world travels, Bruce brought himself into contact with John Zatara, the famed stage magician and escape artist. Knowing full well that he would be eventually detained somehow or placed in some sort of trap, Bruce entered John's tutelage; he is now capable of rendering himself free of nearly any trap. Handcuffs are simple child's play and Batman has often freed himself from the insane death traps his enemies have placed him in. He has escaped everything from straight-jackets to complex prison systems and is one of the most proficient escape artists in the world today, second only to Mr. Miracle.IntimidationIt's said that intimidation and interrogation is more of an art than a science, and if this is true, than Batman has made himself into one of the most skilled artists on the earth. Bruce has literally built fear around him, made it an integral part of his very being let alone one of his tools; the Batman's costume was designed to invoke fear in the hearts of those that look upon him, for example. A combination of his appearance, mannerisms, reputation, and prodigious skill and intellect has made him one of the scariest men on the planet, capable of intimidating those that far outstrip him physically through the use of their special powers. Fear affects everyone, making it one of the Batman's most potent weaLarcenyBruce is well versed in clandestine activities, often making his way into areas he's generally not supposed to be in. He is a master of infiltration and not much is capable of holding him at bay if he's really set his mind against it. His mastery of stealth serves him well, as proper placement, proper movement paths, and silent movement are all mainstays of any would-be trespasser. Various security measures in the form of mechanical or electronic devices are trivial distractions, as Bruce is quite competent in picking tumbler locks - there is no lock that Bruce could not pick given the time - and he has expert knowledge of camera networks and other similar measures and exactly how to disrupt, bypass, or avoid them. Were Bruce to embrace the lifestyle that Selina Kyle enjoys, he would make an excellent thief, deterred by very little as he is.LeadershipThough Bruce did not imagine that he would ever be a leader of men, the Batman has found himself in many commanding positions throughout his career. He has slowly, over time, built a family whose members also primarily operate as his agents, often working under his command and guidance. As a member of the Justice League, he has been placed in leadership positions both willingly and unwillingly, sometimes being "assigned", sometimes falling into it during a situation, and sometimes (read: often) just plain taking over whenever he deems it appropriate (read: often). In addition, he has started a team in the past, the Outsiders, of which he commanded for some period of time. Though not a charismatic leader such as Superman, his forceful, stern personality coupled with his tremendous strategic and tactical know-how lend him just as much respect from his subordinates and, provided they do as he says, he often brings whatever team he happens to be commanding positive results.LinguisticsBruce's quest to forge himself into the Bat took him all over the world where he lived for quite some time in many foreign language-speaking nations. This forced him to learn at least a little of the native languages, but being a quick learner, he picked up much. As his mission as the Dark Knight still takes him nearly everywhere in the globe, Bruce has become fluent in several languages, including (English not withstanding) Spanish, French, Latin, German, Japanese, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Arabic. He is also familiar with multiple dialects in each language and is capable of mimicking them perfectly, thereby eliminating any trace of his natural "educated American" accent.ManipulationBeing so completely methodical has made Batman the quintessential super-strategist, the type of man that has a plan for nearly everything, often thinking them up on the fly. The ability to properly execute a good plan, however, is another skill entirely, fortunately one Bruce has developed to a high art. He is a master manipulator, constantly moving the pieces presented to him into positions that suit his needs. He is a logical person that is able to use reason to persuade people, intimidation is something he has made integral to his very identity, his acting ability makes him an excellent liar, and his ability to read people's emotions and body language allows him to assess their current state, what buttons have what effect should he press them, etc. Sometimes working behind the scenes, he has learned how to play his environment, knowing exactly what to say and what to do in order to achieve the result he wants.Martial artsKnowing that his work would inevitably force him into using physical prowess to detain his opponents, Bruce traveled the world to perfect his fighting ability. As a result of his travels, he has learned 127 styles of specialized combat styles including Karate, Kempo, Aikido, Judo, Jujutsu, Kung Fu (various styles), American Boxing, Ninjutsu, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Savate, Hapkido, Silat, Yaw-Yan, Pankration, Sambo, and Capoeira. Rather than limit himself to the use of one style at a time, he has opted to blend all he has learned, integrating various favorite or especially effective techniques and philosophies into his own personal method of hand-to-hand combat. This homespun, personalized style of martial arts makes him not only an incredibly skilled combatant, but also an especially unpredictable one. On the flip-side, his knowledge of numerous different styles coupled with his very discerning and intuitive mind allows him to analyze the fighting style of his opponent and predict their next moves, allowing him to position himself accordingly for the greater amount of possibilities; this talent, of course, lessens considerably should he fight an opponent just as knowledgeable and varied as he. He has learned how to properly apply his prodigious strength into destructive force beyond brute power and he knows exactly where to strike on the human body to quickly incapacitate it.All in all, Batman is one of the most skilled martial artists in the world. There are those out there who are more able than he to be sure, however, these are few, and Batman does not always fight solely with his body - as a combatant that fights with both extreme skill and mental strategy, and always on his own terms if he can help it, he is one of the most formidable fighters alive.MedicineHaving studied some medical science, Bruce has acquired some medicinal ability. He is knowledgeable in first aid techniques and tools as well as some things that are akin to combat medicine practiced by various special operations forces across the world. That said, he is no doctor and requires the aid of other, skilled professionals should he be gravely injured. Taking care of his own cuts, scrapes, bruises, and a majority of broken bones, however, are well within his ability.MeditationTime spent in the far east found Bruce practicing the people's various methods of meditation for self-mastery of both body and mind. He has developed the skill to successfully enter a trance-like state where he can, in theory, find peace and tranquility in a higher state of consciousness. In actual, practical application, however, it has created several benefits. The focus it takes to remain within a proper meditative state is tremendous and thus Bruce has developed a great amount of mental acuity to supplement his already immense willpower. In addition, he has achieved mastery of his own body and is capable of slowing his breathing, heartbeat, etc. to some degree after a bit of focused concentration.ScienceBruce has several advanced degrees within the sciences, specifically biology, chemistry, and physics. He has quite a bit of knowledge of several disciplines within each of these fields, including botany, biochemistry, ballistics, anatomy, astronomy, geology, and zoology. As such, he is well studied in the world's natural systems and is a scientist (primarily a chemist) of no small degree of skill. For example, in the past he has been able to correctly analyze and reverse engineer various chemicals he has come into contact with to develop antidotes that counteract their effects, performed physical examinations (alive and post-mortem). Though not a rocket science, he does understand and retain knowledge of complex scientific concepts and theories, especially how they apply to real world situations.It was once pointed out by Poison Ivy that Bruce Wayne is actually a renowned scientist in certain, very specific circles, much of his work being unpublished and therefore not in the private eye.StealthUnder the instruction of the ninja Kirigi and various special operations mercenary groups, Bruce was taught the art of hiding his own presence from the senses of others. He is a tremendously stealthy individual, able to move with death-like silence and find positions within a location that are capable of hiding him. Often times, he appears to simply vanish in thin air, as those (specifically James Gordon) that take their eyes off of him for even one second run the risk of finding that he's simply disappeared. He has learned how to breathe in such a way that it does not reveal his position and to clear or altogether avoid making tracks. Sleight-of-hand and misdirection are also tools at his disposal, as sometimes the best manner of stealth is to just avoid allowing people to look in the right areas. He is one of the most hard to find individuals in the world, and simply put, if the Batman really doesn't want you to know he's there or what he's doing, you won't.VehiclesThe Bat maintains, operates, and has even designed a myriad of different vehicles within his career. In one of his many street and water vehicles, he is a skilled stunt driver, capable of successfully performing incredibly risky maneuvers at consistently high speeds. He is also an ace pilot, frequently taking aerial vehicles into combat situations. All of these vehicles are highly complex with any professional driver/pilot hard pressed to properly control; Bruce can push them for all the performance they're capable of.WeaponryIn addition to hand-to-hand combat, Bruce trained himself intensely in the use of various weaponry. Bruce introduced himself to those martial arts that dealt specifically with the use of weapons, including European fencing, Kenjutsu, Escrima, Kobudo, etc. He is familiar with nearly every melee weapon, especially those commonly employed today such as knives and clubs, but also with traditionally martial weapons such as bo staffs, nunchaku, etc. A swordsman of some skill, he has held his own against swordsmen such as Ra's al Ghul, who has had lifetimes to perfect his technique.Along with melee weaponry, Bruce familiarized himself with various types of ranged weaponry, specifically those he employs today as Batman. He is a master shot with the various styles of batarang, often able to strike small targets at great distances, knock small projectiles from the air, and employ the use of trick shots such as purposefully ricocheting a batarang around corners, etc. He is also proficient with other ranged weaponry such as bows, dart guns, throwing knives, etc.Though Bruce eschews the use of firearms, he has made sure that he is at least proficient with them. Though he is no true sniper of any sort, he is a great shot, able to put rifles and handguns to good use.StreetwiseKnowing the streets of Gotham City has become Bruce's business, as only after familiarizing himself with nearly ever nook and cranny readily apparent could he begin to properly defend them. Intimately familiar with the city, he usually knows exactly where he is at all times and how to get wherever it is he's going; should he be disoriented, it takes little time for him to regain his bearings. He ardently maintains a map of Gotham, plotting out various gang territories as they inevitably shift, always growing and shrinking. Contacts, snitches, headquarters, the Bat knows where all of them are and how to access them, whether through sheer intimidation as Batman or through subtle manipulation as Matches Malone.Even outside of Gotham City, time spent in one of the seediest, corrupt cities in the world has left Bruce with the skills necessary to deal with the gritty streets of any other city. Crime all works the same, no matter where you go - it's just more rampant in some places than others.Strategy / tacticsBruce's intelligence and cautious, methodical nature has made him a master strategist, tactician, and logistician. Strategy is the overall method of achieving a goal, while tactics are the very specific steps taken within a strategy. During his quest to forge himself into the Bat, Bruce studied under various special operations mercenary forces across the globe, learning military-style tactical operations and planning, and was a vehement reader of Sun Tzu's "Art of War". His mastery of manipulation allows him to set the environment to suit his needs, letting him plan on his own terms, effectively making every ops zone into his turf. He is ever-thinking - even direct hand-to-hand combat situations with a singular opponent involves a great deal of tactical ability and the key to defeating large groups of enemies is a solid plan of action executed properly. As such, the Batman always has a plan for nearly every eventuality that he can think of, though without leaving himself inflexible and reliant on them, often formulating his methods on the fly when presented immediately with a problem.InvestigationBruce Wayne is the World's Greatest Detective, unsurpassed in the field of criminal investigations. He is a master of all the proper techniques involved within preliminary and follow-up investigations, albeit while ignoring all the legal procedures and constraints placed upon legally ordained criminal investigators: preserving and searching through crime scenes, gathering evidence, conducting interviews and interrogations, formulating and following up on theories, etc. All of these skills, however an art they may be, can be taught though, as it's truly an investigator's own mind that makes him either a skilled or uneffective detective. Bruce's own natural intuition and perception serve him well as a detective and is what truly makes him so potent. He has trained his perception to readily discern details that may prove useful and to sift through data for relevant information; he crafts suspect characteristic profiles, situation theories, etc. through a combination of intuition, experience, and knowledge. Violent and other predatory crime, robberies/burglaries, arson/explosions, vehicular theft, all of it is Batman's expertise. The Batman's case solving record is incredibly impressive, shaming all but the best of criminal investigators throughout the world. Even these men, however, are no match, as Batman is literally the best criminal investigator in the world today.OutdoorsmanshipBruce spent some time in Africa with the bushmen there, particularly with the Ghost Tribes of the Ten-Eyed Brotherhood. They taught Bruce how to survive in the wild using no more than the land itself. He has learned how to hunt, having been taught techniques that allowed him to track his prey across the Savannah. Now, he is able to apply this when chasing criminals, knowing the tell-tale signs of their coming and going. Time spent under the open sky has taught him navigation skills that need no technology (though it certainly helps) and is a competent animal handler.I hope this answers your question

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