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The cast of The Sextet - 1972 includes: Bart Allison as Winston Freda Bamford as Mrs. Morris Hilda Barry as Mrs. Mullins Alfred Bell as Evans Giles Block as John Jonathan Cecil as Gallery proprietor Lysandre De La Haye as Claire as a child Shirley Dixon as Cordelia Michele Dotrice as Ange Michele Dotrice as Barbara Michele Dotrice as Claire Ramsdale Michele Dotrice as Maggie Firebrace Michele Dotrice as Marion Michele Dotrice as Paula Lelliot Michele Dotrice as Veronica Sands Michele Dotrice as Vickie Ruth Dunning as Betty Atherton Ruth Dunning as Elizabeth Block Ruth Dunning as Maud Ramsdale Ruth Dunning as Mrs Trent Ruth Dunning as Mrs. Bentall Ruth Dunning as Mrs. Bunn Ruth Dunning as Old lady Ruth Dunning as Trudy Denholm Elliott as Edgar Denholm Elliott as Ellis Denholm Elliott as Francis Ramsdale Denholm Elliott as Jack Black Denholm Elliott as Max Firebrace Denholm Elliott as Peter Lelliot Denholm Elliott as Stanley Denholm Elliott as Swan Fred Feast as Policeman David Hutcheson as Professor Widmark Pauline Jameson as Vanessa Compton Dudley Jones as Blagden Arthur Lambert as Policeman Michael Landy as Stranger Karin MacCarthy as Joan Denise Mockler as Maid Maureen Nelson as Staff Nurse Hedli Niklaus as Waitress Frederick Peisley as Old man Nicolette Pendrell as Nurse Alan Rowe as Photographer Reg Staniford as Butler John Steiner as Simon Tesco Peter Stephens as Jenkinson Dennis Waterman as Dalrymple Dennis Waterman as Dr. Bilson Dennis Waterman as Gordon Dennis Waterman as Greg Dennis Waterman as James Hare Dennis Waterman as Ken Dennis Waterman as Peter Dennis Waterman as Richard Billie Whitelaw as Dora Billie Whitelaw as Eileen Firebrace Billie Whitelaw as Judy Black Billie Whitelaw as Katherine Billie Whitelaw as Megan Billie Whitelaw as Stella Ramsdale Billie Whitelaw as Valerie Goodis Billie Whitelaw as Wendy

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The cast of The Moonstone - 1972 includes: Azad Ali as Indian Conjuror Ali Baba as Indian Conjuror Brian Badcoe as Mr. Murthwaite Colin Baker as John Herncastle Mary Barclay as Mrs, Ablewhite Kathleen Byron as Lady Varinder (episodes 1-3) Kathleen Byron as Lady Verinder Derek Chafer as Sergeant Norman Claridge as Dr. Richardson Billy Cornelius as Landlord Timothy Craven as Chemist Anna Cropper as Rosanna Spearman Basil Dignam as Gabriel Betteredge Robin Ellis as Franklin Blake Cynthia Etherington as Miss Clack Pat Gorman as Plain Clothes Man Michael Gover as Superintendent Seegrave Christopher Hancock as Ezra Jennings Vivien Heilbron as Rachel Verinder Sherrie Hewson as Charity Ablewhite Martin Jarvis as Godfrey Ablewhite Reginald Jessup as Purser Sheila Keith as Mrs. Yolland Roy Macready as Tomlinson Douglas Mann as Gooseberry Dona Martin as Lucy Yolland Bell McCallum as Nancy Norman Mitchell as Mr. Ablewhite Maureen Morris as Penelope Betteredge Brian Murphy as Septimus Luker Philip Ray as Dr. Candy Stephen Rea as Major Frayne Peter Sallis as Mr. Bruff Madhav Sharma as Indian David Simeon as Mechanic Georgina Simpson as Grace Ablewhite John Welsh as Sergeant Cuff Marguerite Young as Mrs. Threadgall

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The cast of The Stone Tape - 1972 includes: Jane Asher as Jill Greeley Christopher Banks as Vicar Michael Bates as Eddie Holmes Michael Bryant as Peter Brock Tom Chadbon as Hargrave James Cosmo as Cliff Dow Iain Cuthbertson as Roy Collinson Hilda Fenemore as Bar helper John Forgeham as Maudsley Michael Graham Cox as Alan Reginald Marsh as Crawshaw Peggy Marshall as Bar lady Philip Trewinnard as Stewart Jessop Neil Wilson as Sergeant Paterson

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in The Moonstone - 1972?
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