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The cast of Stern TV - 1990 includes: Mario Adorf as himself Karl Ammann as himself No Angels as Themselves Knut as himself Robeat as himself Gerald Asamoah as himself Giuseppe Bartoli as himself Eric Baumann as himself Franz Beckenbauer as himself Nadja Benaissa as herself Esther Beutelspacher as herself Ursula Beutelspacher as herself Silvana Beutelspacher as herself Christian Beutelspacher as himself Daniel Beutelspacher as himself Johannes Beutelspacher as himself Markus Beutelspacher as himself Kathrin Beyerling as herself Lena Beyerling as herself Ben Bledsoe as Himself and Performer Tabea Block as herself Lea Block as herself Dorothea Block as herself Nelly Block as herself Tim Block as himself Dieter Bohlen as himself Heiner Brand as himself Ursula Caberta as herself Reiner Calmund as himself Miriam Christ as herself Tom Cruise as himself Andreas Dachtler as Himself - Topic Parachuting Bruce Darnell as himself Stefan Deuschl as himself Ludmila Diakovska as herself Klaus Dieter Schust as Himself - Topic Camping Verena Docter as herself Simon Docter as himself Mark Ehrenfried as himself Sarah Einmold as herself Amina el Baz as herself Anke Engelke as herself Oma Erika as herself Harald Erlbruch as herself Leonie Fast as herself Joschka Fischer as himself Sabine Flottmann as herself Jule Flottmann as herself Maren Flottmann as herself Sina Flottmann as herself Hendrik Flottmann as himself Ralf Flottmann as himself Taale Frese as herself Roland Garve as himself Martina Glagow as herself Uwe Glinka as himself Mikhail Gorbachev as himself Steffi Graf as herself Hugo Hager as himself Steffen Hallaschka as Himself - Host Wilfried Handl as himself Sven Hannawald as himself Gabriele Harendt as herself Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck as himself Andrea Henkel as herself Maria Herick as herself Michael Hirte as himself Maria Holz as herself James Honeyborne as himself Tilly Horn as herself Peter Irminger as himself Vanessa Jean Dedmon as herself Benno Jenny as himself Hellmuth Karasek as himself Margaretha Kasinger as herself Sebastian Kasinger as himself Peter Kloeppel as Himself - News Reporter Maryam Komeyli as Herself - Regular Christopher Lee as himself Markus Lehner as himself Alexander Leipold as himself Cynthia Lennon as herself Mike Leon Grosch as himself Nina Luczky as herself Manfred Lypold as himself Ricardo Marinello as himself Henry Maske as himself Philipp Mattheis as himself Kurt Meier as himself Angela Merkel as herself Dagmar Neubronner as herself Brigitte Neubronner as herself Dagmar Neubronner as Herself - Topic Homeschooling Tilman Neubronner as himself Thomas Neubronner as himself Moritz Neubronner as himself Tilman Neubronner as Himself - Topic Homeschooling Thomas Neubronner as Himself - Topic Homeschooling Moritz Neubronner as Himself - Topic Homeschooling Magdalena Neuner as herself Inger Nilsson as herself Barack Obama as himself Nevio Passaro as himself Maria Persson as herself Oliver Pocher as himself Kalle Pohl as himself Verona Pooth as herself Ute Portscheller as Herself - Topic Swimming accident Domenic Redl as himself Tobias Regner as himself Marcus Reitz as himself Timo Reuhl as himself Graciano Rocchigiani as himself Niklas Rohde as himself Leo Rojas as himself Katharina Saalfrank as herself Christoph Sauer as himself Ramona Scherer as herself Benjamin Scheuer as himself Anna Schindler as herself Harald Schmidt as himself Marco Schreyl as himself Angelika Schust as Herself - Topic Camping Konstantin Skudler as himself Sylvester Stallone as himself Britta Steffen as herself Mladen Steko as himself Martin Stosch as himself Lilly Swoboda as herself Elke Swoboda as herself Kathy Swoboda as herself Emily Swoboda as herself Jasmin Swoboda as herself Paul Swoboda as himself Christine Theiss as herself Simon Thel as himself Hans Timo Beyerling as himself Stephanie Volkner as Herself - Topic Camping Gerhard Volkner as Himself - Topic Camping Hella von Sinnen as herself Evelyn Wagner as Herself - Topic Swimming accident Jessica Wahls as herself Susanna Wellenbrink as herself Egon Wellenbrink as himself Sebastian Wilczek as himself Kati Wilhelm as herself Steven Zepmeusel as himself

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Stern TV - 1990?
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