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The cast of Pound of Flesh - 2010 includes: Whitney Able as Rachel Fry Timothy Bottoms as Cameron Morris Eric Chaikin as Desk Captain Jasson Cring as Bille Jeeters Braxton Davis as Chief of Police Robert Harvey as Mayor Nichole Joor as Student Angus Macfadyen as Detective Patrick Kelly Lilly McDowell as Evelyn Scott Malcolm McDowell as Professor Noah Melville Jon Morgan Woodward as Professors at Graduation Lou Mulford as Angela Carlson Samantha Pallett as Juliet Melville Sylvie Rae Elgart Glassman as Missy Emily Roche as Em Elizabeth Rodriguez as Sgt. Rebecca Ferraro Marni Rosenthal as Track Coach Shahar Sorek as Peter Taryn Southern as Dyonesia Cosa Ashley Wren Collins as Marina Carlson Bellamy Young as Daniella Melville

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Pound of Flesh - 2010?
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