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The cast of Phraw rak khrap phom - 2005 includes: Marion Affolter as Opal Jittakorn Bhunsorn as Sand Janet Khiew as Madame Taew Aphistaa Khreuakhongkhaa Sara Malakul Lane as Net Siwat Narouphai as Pete Russamee Thongsiripraisri as Reiko

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Phraw rak khrap phom - 2005?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Ma mha 4 khaa khrap - 2007?

The cast of Ma mha 4 khaa khrap - 2007 includes: Pitchaya Nitipaisankul as Makham Pavarisa Phenjati Panissara Phimpru Nitipaisalkul Pichaya as Ma Kham Pirachaya Pinmuengngam as Nam Kang Sakaojai Poonsawat as Sexy Chaleumpol Tikumpornteerawong as Phii Yaam Jai Dee Pitisak Yaowananon

What movie and television projects has Janet Khiew been in?

Janet Khiew has: Performed in "Formalin Man" in 2004. Played Madame Taew in "Phraw rak khrap phom" in 2005. Performed in "Yam yasothon" in 2005. Played Khiew in "The Bodyguard 2" in 2007. Performed in "Yam yasothon 2" in 2009. Performed in "Yam yasothon 3" in 2013.

What language is khob kuhn khrap?

"Khob khun khrap" is a polite expression in the Thai language, where "khob khun" means "thank you" and "khrap" is a polite particle used by male speakers.

How do you say let's go to Thailand in Thailand?

"bpai ter pratet tai khrap (kha)" "khrap" male and "kha" female

How do to say 'im fine' in Thai?

Sabai Dee khrap

How do you Welcome in Thai?

In Thai, you can say "สวัสดี" (sawasdee) to welcome someone. It is a common greeting used to say hello and welcome in various situations.

What you say hello in thai?

"sawat Dee khrap" for boys "sawat Dee kha" for girls

What is word for name in Thai?

"kun cheu arai khrap (kha)?" khrap for boys, kha for girls. The word for "name", "cheu" isn't possible to transliterate in the English alphabet because it requires a vowel we don't have. See the Related Link for more information. !

How do i say thank you in Thai?

Khop khun khrap (if you are a man), khop khun kha (if you are a woman). ขอบคุณครับ/ค่ะ"kob kun khrap" for guys"kob kun kha" for girlswith a smile! :)

How do i say hello how are you in thai?

To say "hello, how are you?" in Thai, you can say "สวัสดีค่ะ/ครับ สบายดีไหมคะ/ครับ?" (sawasdee ka/krap, sabai dee mai ka/krap?).

How do you say yes in Thailand?

If you want to say yes you say: Dai, or Chai, ( polite is to ad khrap for a man, or ka for a woman

How do you do hello in Thai?

สวัสดีค่ะ Sawatdee ka = Hello if you are a girl สวัสดีครับ Sawatdee Khrap = Hello if you are a boy โจ Joh = Joe