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The cast of Neber 2-Geder - 1996 includes: Boy Alano as House Boy Jojo Angeles as Jogger (Super Ferry) Snowhite as Jogger (Super Ferry) Angel Baldomar as Bodyguard of Ricky Tony Carreon as Senior Mondragon Florence Carvajal as Fat Woman Reynaldo Castro as Man in Bike Lito Castro as Office Janitor Mykell Chan as Righthand of Ricky Myra Cuesta as Office Cashier Michael De Mesa as Ricky Dardo De Oro as Goon Joji Dela Paz as Mr. Rivera Rodney Fosgate as Goon Arman Guillermo as Policeman Onie Isidoro as Japanese Woman Cara Marsan as Melba Cris Maruso as Goon Edna Mendoza as Jogger (Super Ferry) Manolo Mendoza as Leaflets Boy Amanda Page as Carmen Rene Request as Goon Ross Rival as Scientist Mar Sacdalan as Policeman Ben Sanchez as Father of Berto Nonong Talbo as Japanese Man Arman Tiaozon as Policeman Mike Traulin as Policeman Redford White as Tonyo (Antonio Bandera Y Watawat) Zeny Zabala as Mother of Tonyo

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Neber 2-Geder - 1996?
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