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The cast of Sjit Happens - 2012 includes: Wcwowt as Band Ole Boisen as Klaus Karoline Brygmann as Pige 1 Camilla Cornelia Lehmann as Emils Date Therese Damsgaard as Anne-Mette Ole Dupont as Apoteker Irina Frankild as Annika Thomas Gaarde as Erik Ronnie Handskemager as Danse Elev Jonathan Harboe as Mads Miranda Josje De Ling as Ekspedient 1 Alexander Kolte Bach as Nabopigens Fyr Jon Lange as Robert Frederik Nemo Andersen as Nabopigens Nye fyr Kirsten Nottelmann Rav as Receptionist Laura Oktavia Mogensen as Pige 2 Stephania Potalivo as Ane Claes Quaade as Emil Nemaa Rad as Forsanger Mette Riber Christoffersen as Punker Pige Jessica Sky as Stripper Sasha Sofie Lund as Maja Matilde Solbakken as Rose Clemens Telling as Clemens Thomas Voss as Gustav Maria Wanwipa Madsen as Ekspedient 2 Ditte Ylva Olsen as Ofelia

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The cast of Lilet Never Happened - 2012 includes: John Arcilla as James Angeli Bayani as Rosing Grundy Constantino as Madam Curing Grace Constantino as Madame Curing Antonette Garcia as Millie Timothy Mabalot as Nonoy Tim Mabalot as Nonoy Dorothea Marabut as Tessie Marife Necesito as Alice Jermaine Patrick Ulgasan as Dino Sandy Talag as Lilet Johanna ter Steege as Claire

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Lilet Never Happened - 2012?
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