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The cast of Le sette sfide - 1961 includes: Gabriele Antonini as Kir - Fratello di Ivan Paola Barbara as Deniza Relja Basic Bella Cortez as Suani Ed Fury as Ivan Omero Gargano as Consigliore di Khan Roldano Lupi as Il grande Khan Furio Meniconi as Amok Elaine Stewart as Tamara Renato Terra Bruno Ukmar Franco Ukmar as Ostop - Fratello di Amok Sergio Ukmar as Yakub - Fratello di Amok

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Le sette sfide - 1961?
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What are the ratings and certificates for Le sette sfide - 1961?

Le sette sfide - 1961 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16 Sweden:(Banned)

What are the release dates for Le sette sfide - 1961?

Le sette sfide - 1961 was released on: Italy: 1 April 1961 France: 2 August 1961 Japan: 12 September 1961 Mexico: 3 May 1962 Denmark: 17 August 1962 Finland: 31 August 1962 USA: 9 July 1967

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Sergio Ukmar has: Played Yakub - Fratello di Amok in "Le sette sfide" in 1961. Performed in "Maciste alla corte del Gran Khan" in 1961. Performed in "Starblack" in 1968. Played Marrison Henchman in "Sette monache a Kansas City" in 1973. Performed in "Fantozzi contro tutti" in 1980. Played Homeless in "2019 - Dopo la caduta di New York" in 1983.

What has the author Mario Zagari written?

Mario Zagari has written: 'Superare le sfide' -- subject(s): Commercial policy, Foreign economic relations, History

What has the author Pierluigi Stefanini written?

Pierluigi Stefanini has written: 'Le sfide della cooperazione' -- subject(s): Interviews, Officials and employees, Cooperative societies, Cooperation

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Omero Gargano has: Played Consigliore di Khan in "Le sette sfide" in 1961. Played Il vecchio saggio in "Il gigante di Metropolis" in 1961. Played Neptune - God of the Sea in "Vulcano, figlio di Giove" in 1962. Performed in "I due evasi di Sing Sing" in 1964. Played Bartender in "Sansone e il tesoro degli Incas" in 1964. Performed in "Con rispetto parlando" in 1965. Performed in "Ramon il Messicano" in 1966. Performed in "Buckaroo, il winchester che non perdona" in 1967. Played Moustached poker player in "Chiedi perdono a Dio... non a me" in 1968. Played Capitano in "Quintana" in 1969. Played Don Alonso in "Giunse Ringo e... fu tempo di massacro" in 1970. Performed in "I Leopardi di Churchill" in 1970. Performed in "La lunga cavalcata della vendetta" in 1972. Performed in "Studio legale per una rapina" in 1973. Played Autista in "Qui squadra mobile" in 1973. Played Un contadino in "Delitto di stato" in 1982.

What has the author Brunello Vigezzi written?

Brunello Vigezzi has written: 'I problemi della neutralita e della guerra nel carteggio Salandra-Sonnino (1914-1917)' 'La forza di Clio' -- subject(s): Historiography, Modern History, History 'The British Committee on the Theory of International Politics (1954-1985)' -- subject(s): British Committee on the Theory of International Politics, International relations, Study and teaching (Higher) 'L' Italia unita e le sfide della politica estera' -- subject(s): Foreign relations 'Da Giolitti a Salandra' -- subject(s): Politics and government

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