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The cast of Kymppitonni - 1985 includes: Simo Aalto as himself Uma Aaltonen as herself Marja Aarnipuro as herself Hilkka Ahde as herself Jussi Ahde as himself Jenni Ahola as herself Petteri Ahomaa as himself Anitra Ahtola as herself Sulo Aittoniemi as himself Outi Alanen as herself Olli Alho as himself Jyrki Anttila as himself Pirkko Arstila as herself Kana as herself Frederik as himself Danny as himself Orvokki Autio as herself Risto Autio as himself Aleksi Bardy as himself Eva Biaudet as herself Janette Broman as herself Arto Bryggare as himself Pia Christiansen as herself Maija Dahlgren as herself Johanna Debreczeni as herself Antti Einari Halonen as himself Hanna Ek as herself Aarre Elo as himself Tuulikki Eloranta as herself Esa Eloranta as himself Elukka Eskelinen as himself Kati Fors as herself Vanessa Forsman as herself Christian Forss as himself Isadora Forsten as herself Rainer Friman as himself Maria Guzenina as herself Susanna Haapoja as herself Saija Hakola as herself Elina Halttunen as herself Tutteli Hammermann as herself Ira Hammermann as herself Marianne Harjula as herself Arttu Harkki as himself Riitta Havukainen as herself Outi Heiskanen as herself Tuija Helander as herself Juhana Helmenkalastaja as himself Saska Helmikallio as himself Ilkka Hemming as himself Heini Hietanen as herself Pentti Hietanen as himself Isto Hiltunen as himself Mirjam Himberg as herself Anita Hirvonen as herself Liisa Horelli as herself Seppo Hovi as himself Anne Huotari as herself Janne Hurme as himself Sinikka Hurskainen as herself Susanna Indren as herself Kalle Isokallio as himself Tea Ista as herself Vesa Jaarva as himself Ilkka Joenpelto as himself Chrisse Johansson as herself Markku Johansson as himself Terhi Jokila as herself Ismo Jokinen as himself Laura Jurkka as herself Hannu Jurmu as himself Jutta Jussila as herself Petteri Jussila as himself Timo Jutila as himself Anu Kaipainen as herself Mari Kakko as herself Ismo Kallio as himself Eija Kantola as herself Jouni Karakorpi as himself Totti Karpela as himself Marjukka Karttunen as herself Jyrki Kasvi as himself Oskari Katajisto as himself Aulis Kaukonen as himself Pasi Kaunisto as himself Pirjo Kauppinen as herself Vieno Kekkonen as herself Antero Kekkonen as himself Jouko Keskinen as himself Petri Keskitalo as himself Kimmo Kiljunen as himself Mikko Kilkkinen as himself Mikko Kivinen as himself Pekka Kivinen as himself Angelika Klas as herself Ari Klem as himself Ville Klinga as himself Kiti Kokkonen as herself Kaarina Kokkonen as herself Kristiina Komulainen as herself Arja Koriseva as herself Kylli Koski as herself Arlene Kotala as herself Arno Kotro as himself Mikko Kouki as himself Jukka Kuronen as himself Ahti Kuusisto as himself Petri Laaksonen as himself Patrick Lagus as himself Reiska Laine as himself Jussi Lampi as himself Annika Lapintie as herself Hannele Lauri as herself Petri Lehtinen as himself Minna Lehtola as herself Mikko Leppilampi as himself Juice Leskinen as himself Lasse Liemola as himself Raakel Lignell as herself Pirkko Liinamaa as herself Helena Lindgren as herself Satu Linnapuomi as herself Eeva Litmanen as herself Tiia Louste as herself Katja Lukin as herself Maria Lund as herself Sanna Luostarinen as herself Pave Maijanen as himself Pekka Mandart as himself Eeki Mantere as himself Anne Marie Pohtamo as herself Lilli Markkanen as herself Hanna Markkula as herself Tuuli Matinsalo as herself Eero Melasniemi as himself Joel Melasniemi as himself Virpi Miettinen as herself Miina Mikkonen as herself Tuire Mikkonen as herself Keijo Minerva as himself Milana Misic as herself Petri Munck as himself Kari Naskinen as himself Heli Nevakare as herself Esa Nieminen as himself Maarit Niiniluoto as herself Reino Nordin as himself Lasse Norres as himself Lassi Nummi as himself Ilkka Nummisto as himself Vesa Nuotio as himself Tuija Nurmi as herself Lola Odusoga as herself Raija Oranen as herself Johanna Oras as herself Jaana Oravisto as herself Sari Paanala as herself Liisa Paatso as herself Rinna Paatso as herself Leena Pakkanen as herself Johanna Pakonen as herself Saija Palin as herself Juhani Palmu as himself Jussi Parviainen as himself Jaana Pelkonen as herself Maarit Peltoniemi as herself Jotaarkka Pennanen as himself Tapani Perttu as himself Kirsi Piha as herself Tiia Piili as herself Jorma Piisinen as himself Timo Pokki as himself Janne Porkka as himself Jari Puhakka as himself Riitta Pulla as herself Hanna Pulla as herself Pertti Purhonen as himself Susanna Rahkonen as herself Jarmo Rahkonen as himself Esko Rahkonen as himself Ursula Rainio as herself Juha Rastas as himself Jarmo Rastas as himself Pepi Reinikainen as herself Outi Reinola as herself Timo Repo as himself Pertti Reponen as himself Jukka Rintala as himself Kristiina Ronimus as herself Vicky Rosti as herself Kalevi Roti as himself Jope Ruonansuu as himself Sami Saikkonen as himself Ismo Sajakorpi as himself Kari Salmelainen as himself Petri Salminen as himself Eppu Salminen as himself Kirsi Salo as herself Pertti Salovaara as himself Aira Samulin as herself Marjut Samulin as herself Susa Saukko as herself Aino Seppo as herself Hanne Serjo as herself Seppo Seuranen as himself Paula Siimes as herself Matti Siitonen as himself Marjukka Silolahti as herself Aki Sirkesalo as himself Sinikka Sokka as herself Teo Sorri as himself Riki Sorsa as himself Inga Sulin as herself Hanna Sumari as herself Lilli Suomalainen as herself Heidi Suomi as herself Susanna Suomi as herself Meiju Suvas as herself Marita Taavitsainen as herself Satu Taiveaho as herself Hannu Takkula as himself Merja Tammi as herself Sari Tamminen as herself Jarkko Tamminen as himself Ulla Tapaninen as herself Susanna Tervaniemi as herself Klaus Thomasson as himself Marja Tiura as herself Rampe Toivonen as himself Eila Torvela as herself Olli Tuominen as himself Jorma Uotinen as himself Raija Vahasalo as herself Juha Vainio as himself Taru Valjakka as herself Wallu Valpio as himself Mato Valtonen as himself Saija Varjus as herself Anne Veijalainen as herself Noora Vennamo as herself Meri Vennamo as herself Pia Viitanen as herself Sirpa Viljamaa as herself Eija Vilpas as herself Antti Virmavirta as himself Varpu Virta as herself Ville Virtanen as himself Jukka Virtanen as himself Paavo Westerberg as himself Jani Wickholm as himself Heidi Willman as herself Pia Winter as herself Arto Ylinen as himself Ben Zyskowicz as himself

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Kymppitonni - 1985?
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