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The cast of Keks - 2004 includes: Susanne Duntsch as Frau

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Keks - 2004?
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When was KEKS created?

KEKS was created in 2007.

What is the German keks in English?

Keks = biscuit (US: Cookie)Keks is derived from the English word cake

How tall is Christopher Keks?

Christopher Keks is 6'.

When was Christopher Keks born?

Christopher Keks was born in Germany.

What nicknames does Christopher Keks go by?

Christopher Keks goes by Cookie.

What actors and actresses appeared in Annelie - Annelou - Eine kleine Geschichte mit Musik - 1962?

The cast of Annelie - Annelou - Eine kleine Geschichte mit Musik - 1962 includes: Eva Eichner Silvio Francesco as Keks Christine Hansen Harald Juhnke as Fridolin Josef Meinertzhagen

What is cookie in German?

Keks Plätzchen (especially Christmas cookies)

What does cappuccino fuer mich bitte Kein zucker oder keks mean?

Cappuccino für mich bitte. Kein Zucker oder Keks = Cappuccino for me please. No sugar or biscuit.

What has the author Katarzyna Lengren written?

Katarzyna Lengren has written: 'keks albo seks'

What is the German word for cookies?

cookie = Plätzchen or Keks

What actors and actresses appeared in Chudesa v Reshetove - 2004?

The cast of Chudesa v Reshetove - 2004 includes: Tatyana Arntgolts as Inka, the Mermaid Mikhail Belenkiy as Valerik Anya Bychkova as Verka Aleksandr Chislov as Zit Sergei Danilevich as Feofan Vladimir Dolinskiy as Shprekh Mariya Glazkova as Vasilisa, the Sorceress Kot Keks as Timofey Ivanovich, the Cat Olga Khokhlova as Tamara Sergeevna Evgeniy Kochetkov as Pavlik Nina Luneva as The Mirror Nodar Mgaloblishvili as Konstantin K. Bessmertnykh Aleksey Panin as Petr Aleksandr Revenko as Boar Yola Sanko as Grandma Yadviga, the Witch Mikhail Semin as Ox Vyacheslav Shalevich as Timofey Ivanovich, the Cat Anastasiya Shiladzhyan as Alina Bolotnye Kseniya Shiladzhyan as Polina Bolotnye Olga Tumaykina as Belkina

How do you spell cookie in German?

The edible cookie translates as der Keks or (less often) das Plätzchen.The computer cookie translates as der (or das) Cookie