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The cast of Joby - 1975 includes: Ted Carroll as Grocer David Clayforth as Snap Gerry Cowan as Mr. Manley Frances Cox as Sister Fred Crossley as Cinema Attendant Diana Davies as Norah Weston Fred Feast as Uncle Ted Fred Gaunt as Chemist Sharon Gower as Cousin Mona Alick Hayes as Preacher Pamela Hunt as Snotty Marlowe Paul Malkin as Tommy Masterman Donald Nithsdale as Old Man Lorraine Peters as Aunt Daisy Patrick Stewart as Reg Weston Richard Tolan as Joby Weston Geoffrey Tomlinson as Mr. Morrison Ernst Walder as Mr. Laedeker Pat Wallis as Mrs Collins Joanne Whalley as Molly McLeod Martin Whiteley as Gus Wilson Marjorie Wilde as Old Lady

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The cast of Joey - 1985 includes: Frederic Ambrosio as Policeman Choanne Anderson as Technician Jack Angel as Fletcher the Dummy Punky as Scooter Joe Azzato as Parapsychologist James Baumgartner as Parapsychologist Daniel Bayer as Child Renata Bechner as Mourner Sheila Behrens as Parapsychologist Axel Berg as Parapsychologist Ralph Ina Bohnsch as Child Caplan Brown as Priest Bruce Burney as Guard Linda Caroll as Jessica John Caruso as Parapsychologist Elisabeth Chambers as Mourner Christian Claaszen as Peter Collins Danny Colby as Joey Collins John Curthan as Doctor Bebby Dalton as Technician Charly Dere as Child Tim Edwards as Child Joshua Ellis as Child Sandra Freeding Myers as Parapsychologist Rolf Giesen as Ghost Christine Goebbels as Alice Michael Goebbels as Child Michael Gregory as Doctor Charly Hack as Policeman Volker Hamp as Technician Tanja Hartmann as Child Sven Hass as Parapsychological Research Crew James Heffernan as Parapsychologist Antje Hilbert as Technician Sean Johnson as Bobby Ray Kaselonis as Steven Ann Katrin Behrens as Child Peter Kiener as Parapsychologist Joel Kleinman Allison Koblik as Child Volker Konrad as Child Peter Kosma as Parapsychologist Matthias Kraus as Bernie Eva Kryll as Laura Collins Frank Leather as Technician Bernd Limmbacher as Police Officer Christoph Lindert as Sheriff Frank Loomis as Policeman Liesel Luft as Mourner Sacha Luft as Mourner Daniel Markwald as Child Lynnea Minger as Mourner Berit Morrell Joshua Morrell as Joey Collins Reid Morrell as Policeman Fabian Muliawan as Child Miguel Ninaus as Child Ralph Nordenhold as Parapsychologist Ann Paris as Technician Rainer Pietschmann as Child Ruth Poklekowski as Mourner Sebastian Riehm as Child Stefania Sabucci as Child Thilo Scheuermann as Child Holger Schweizer as Child Guido Seitz as Child Carrie Shields as Child Tammy Shields as Sally Elliot Smith as Child Birgit Stutz as Doctor Myriam Thiele as Child Monic Wintermaier as Child Jan Zierold as Martin Gunther Zorn as Parapsychologist

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The cast of Joey - 1986 includes: The Ad Libs as Themselves Lou Aiello as Back-up Band Jeff Albani as Gentleman at Doo Wopp Party Mary Ann Neu as Sally Clifford Arashi as Lonny John Arceri as Guard John Ayers as Back-up Band Vito Balsamo as himself Vito Balsamo Group as Themselves Murri Barber as Back-up Band Neill Barry as Joey Carmen Bau as Patrolman Rizo Mickey Berz as Tony Charles Bonet as Fighter Dayna Caruso as Dancer Michael Caruso as Kid Mike Catalano as Back-up Band Gary Catalano as Back-up Band Tom Centenni as Gentleman at Doo Wopp Party Maryann Centenni as Lady at Doo Wopp Party Patricia Cevoli as Michelle Vicky Cohen as Cindy Cindy Cohn as Radio Dispatcher Joe Corace as Mr. Wilson Tom DeFranco as Kid The Elegants as Themselves Rickey Ellis as John Greg Fiellin as Back-up Band Emerson Forth as Timmy Chris Furnell as The Delsonics Francis Furnell as The Delsonics Alan Gelfant as Zip Dan Grimaldi as Ted Gloria Gwendyn as Ms. Horigan Captain Haggerty as Baldy Ellen Hammill as Bobbie Doug Harriman as Sergeant Elisa Heinsohn as Janie Murry Hill as Back-up Band Bill Hoffman as Guard Dee Hourican as Bonnie Tommy Jones as Zoo Lounge Bouncer Victor Jorgensen as The Delsonics Michael LaGuardia as Guard Ralph Lanziano as Kid Kim Lanziano as Kid Dawn Lanziano as Kid Gregg Laub as Don The Limelights as Themselves Michael Lombardi as Back-up Band Stu Lowitt as Richard Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers as Themselves Karin Lynne as Lady at Doo Wopp Party John MacNally as Attorney Sal Maneri as Moe Marie Marshall as Kid Marleen Marta as Swim Instructor Barney Miller as Curly Eliza Miller as Mrs. Wilson Lazar Mintz as Weasel Barney Monticello as Motorist Nick Moroch as Back-up Band Debbie Peden as Dancer Kelly Peden as Dancer Peter Radon as Bartender Jim Roberge as Back-up Band Michael Sanville as Billy Karen Schwartz as Fruit Lady Rick Shapiro as Larry The Silhouettes as Themselves John Snyder as Patrolman Valens Josh Stone as Back-up Band Theresa Tedeschi as Lady at Doo Wopp Party Robert Tolbert as The Delsonics Rich Torelli as Customer Martin Treat as Back-up Band Duke Valenti as Zoo Lounge Bouncer Tony Vozzo as Sonny Doug Whitt as Ronny Katarina Wittich as Gym Teacher Bruce Wolf as Back-up Band Darci Wood as Jeannette

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Joby - 1975?
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