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The cast of Hoffa - 1992 includes: Jillian Alyse Cardillo as Granddaughter Tony Amen as Teamster Kirk Anderson as Driver with Flat Kevin Anderson as Robert Kennedy Samson Barkhordarian as Official at Hall Sam Bauso as Waiter Gerry Becker as Business Negotiator Alton Bouchard as Airplane Pilot Don Brockett as Police Captain Tim Burton as Corpse David Calvin Berg as Committee Chairman William Cameron as State Trooper Scott Campbell as Detroit News Reporter Anthony Cannata as Organizer Kevin Crowley as Reporter Joanne Deak as Woman in Penthouse Annette DePetris as Newspaper Secretary Danny DeVito as Bobby Ciaro Jon Favreau as Extra Tom Finnegan as Teamster President April Freeman as Reporter Tim Gamble as Prosecutor Louis Giambalvo as RTA Representative Nicholas Giordano as Cop Cliff Gorman as Solly Stein Joe Greco as Loading Foreman John Hackett as Bladesdale Kathy Hartsell as Dancer with Cigarette Steven Hauptman as Strike Breaker Gary Houston as Government Agent in Bar Jeff Howell as Senate Reporter Larry John Meyers as Newsman Bruno Kirby as Nightclub Comic Tim Lovelace as Bakery Worker Dinah Lynch as Barbara Hoffa John Malloy as Counterman at Roadhouse Jacqulyne Marie Cardillo as Granddaughter Anna Marie Knierim as Teamster Widow Staci Marie Marcum as Woman in Cabin Sherri Mazie as Reporter Anthony Moscato as Teamster Joanne Neer as Soignee Woman Jennifer Nicholson as Nurse Nun in White Sam Nicotero as Counterman at Laundry Natalija Nogulich as Jo Hoffa Jim Ochs as Kreger Worker Christopher Otto as Young Reporter Marty Perlov as Bartender Dave Petti as Newsreporter Robert Prosky as Billy Flynn John Pullum as Dock Worker Joe Quasarano as Dock Worker David Regal as Newsman Daniel Riggs as Union Worker Willy Rizzo as Scialla Timilee Romolini as Vegas Showgirl Richard Schiff as Government Attorney Keith Schrader as Teamster Fred Scialla as Castratore David Sconduto as Social Club Waiter Joe Shelby as Teamster Dave Shemo as Young Reporter Peter Spellos as Man in Crowd Dennis Tolkach as Airplane Pilot Don Vargo as Driver with Pistol Frank Whaley as Young Kid Ursula Whittaker as Las Vegas Dancer Steve Witting as Eliot Cookson Dale Young as Father Doyle Karen Young as Young Woman at RTA

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Hoffa - 1992?
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