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The cast of Ginger Meggs - 1982 includes: Kathleen Aitken as Town Extra Shelley Armsworth as Minnie Peters Bruno Baldoni as Joe Monique Benet as Biddie Adam Bowen as Radio Presenter Doug Branch as Town Extra Molli Branch as Town Extra Rupert Burns as Circus Extra Terry Camilleri as Mr. Crackett John Clayton as Mr. Wentworth Sue Collie as Mrs. Peters Brook Cowley as Circus Extra Daniel Cumerford as Eddie Coogan Coral Drouyn as Mrs. Sarah Meggs Charles Dunk as Radio Engineer Willie Fennell as Walter Fotheringay Anne Flew as Town Extra Darren Flynn as Joey Sharon Ford as Millie Drew Forsythe as Tiger Kelly Deborah Foster as Robbed Lady Beth Gay as Radio Prize Girl Scott Grayland as Alex Kristian Harper as Darkie Andrew Heard as Jacky Syd Heylen as Stablehand Bob Hicks as Robber Ross Higgins as Mr. Floggswell Rowan Hillard as Dudley Meggs Bernadette Hockings as Aggie Harold Hopkins as Mr. Fox Emma Jewel as Circus Extra Mark Kounnas as Raggsy Miranda Latimer as Polly Di Levi as Town Extra Kate Mathews as Circus Extra Garry McDonald as Mr. John Meggs Valerie McFaddyn as Circus Extra Adrian McLeod as Ocker Christopher Norton as Cuthbert Fitzcloon Kate Parker as Indignant Lady at Circus Lisa Peers as Mrs. Polly Gwen Plumb as Miss Leach Ron Ratcliff as The Vicar - Mr. Polly Justin Ridley as Hookey Bernie Ryan as Town Extra Eva Sitta as Mrs. Fox Lauren Snell as Town Extra Mark Spain as Benny Kirsten Weissner as Circus Extra Danielle Wiessner as Circus Extra James Wingrove as Master Wentworth

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Ginger Meggs - 1982?
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What are the ratings and certificates for Ginger Meggs - 1982?

Ginger Meggs - 1982 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

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he had red hair.

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