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The cast of Coneheads - 1993 includes: Jason Alexander as Larry Farber Nils Allen Stewart as Guard Sarah Anne Levy as Hygenist Tom Arnold as Golfer Cameron as Conehead Sinbad as Otto Danielle Aykroyd as 3 Year Old Connie Peter Aykroyd as Highmaster Mentot Oliver Barron as Boy Following Beldar Laurence Bilzerian as Cone Battle Commander Mitchell Bobrow as Garthok Combatant Michelle Burke as Connie Conehead Drew Carey as Taxi Passenger Sydney Coberly as Nurse Richard Comar as Agent Tom Davis as Supplicant Ellen DeGeneres as Coach Chris Farley as Ronnie the Mechanic Sam Freed as Master of Ceremonies Eddie Griffin as Customer Nicolette Harnish as 10 Year Old Connie Phil Hartman as Marlax Jan Hooks as Gladys Johnson, Driving Student Whip Hubley as F-16 Pilot Lisa Jane Persky as Lisa Farber James Keane as Harv Barry Kivel as Doctor Robert Knott as Air Traffic Controller Shishir Kurup as Khoudri Joey Lauren Adams as Christina Cooper Layne as Engineer Topper Lilien as Cone Pilot Jon Lovitz as Dr. Rudolph, Dentist Rosa Maria Briz as Hispanic Woman Michael McKean as Gorman Seedling, INS Deputy Commissioner Tim Meadows as Athletic Cone Garrett Morris as Captain Orecruiser Howard Napper as Ang Pilot Kevin Nealon as Senator Laraine Newman as Laarta Leonard Nimoy as Spock Jonathan Penner as Captain Air Traffic Parker Posey as Stephanie Michael Richards as Motel Clerk Walter Robles as Fire Marshall McNally Sagal as Female Agent Adam Sandler as Carmine William Shatner as Captain Kirk David Spade as Eli Turnbull, INS Agent Jeanne Stawiarski as Dignitary Todd Susman as Ron Julia Sweeney as Principal Dave Thomas as Highmaster Terry Turner as Sketch Artist

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Coneheads - 1993?
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