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The cast of Botte di Natale - 1994 includes: Lou Baker as Preacher Charlie Barker as Child Brian Barker as Twin Kevin Barker as Twin Sommer Betsworth as Girl Ruth Buzzi as Maw Jack Caffrey as Judge Ron Carey as Sheriff Fox Tom Connor as Bank clerk Radha Delamarter as Janie Jerry Gardner as Corral owner Natasha Goslow as Child Jess Hill as Telegraph clerk Terence Hill as Travis Michael Huddleston as Blacksmith Anne Kasprik as Bridget Harriet Medin as Elderly woman Lauren Myers as Child Patrick Myers as Patrick Boots Southerland as Sam Stone Bud Spencer as Moses Fritz Sperberg as Deputy Joe Neil Summers as Dodge Adam Taylor as Blackjack Jonathan Tucker as Moses Junior Massimiliano Ubaldi as Cowboy killer Paloma von Broadley as Jessica Sarah Waidler as Child Samantha Waidler as Mary Lou

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Botte di Natale - 1994?
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