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The cast of Barras heute - 1963 includes: Fred Albert Alexander Allerson as Major Grosser Lothar Berg Otto Bolesch Dieter Cartini as Hauptmann Birkeneck Walter Clemens Karl Deschauer as Kanonier Grothe Robert Fackler as Der Stotterer Herta Fahrenberg as Edeltraut Joachim Fuchsberger as Strafverteidiger Alexander Grill as Kanonier Richter gen. "Quassel" Hannes Gromball as Oberleutnant Simmerding Wolfgang Jansen as Rekrut Kulicke Monika John as Bardame Fred Klaus as Unteroffizier Kessler Hellmut Lange as Leutnant Junkermann Max Mairich Edith Mill as Frau Graumann Peter Parten as Kanonier Reithmeier Immy Schell as Lilo Emmerich Schrenk as Direktor Pasch Uwe Tiebing Henry van Lyck as Unteroffizier Dursthoff Bruno Vogler as Kanonier Kohlgrub

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Barras heute - 1963?
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