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The cast of Atrapalhando a Suate - 1983 includes: Mussum Zacarias Paulo Copacabana Sergio Farjalla as Guerrilheiro Lucinha Lins Dino Santana Sandro Solviatti Wilson Viana

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Atrapalhando a Suate - 1983?
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Ingredients1 ea Couscous prepared perPk (1*1/2C*water to 1c Couscous) 1/2 c Cooking sherry1 Onion, chopped2 c Chopped broccoli &/orCauliflour 1 ea Bell pepper, chopped1 ea Bunch green onions1 ea Bunch spinach1 ea Garlic to taste1 ea Herbs (rosemary, oregano,Bay leaves) 1 sm Pinch cayenne pepper2 T Whole wheat flourPlace a large skillit over medium heat. Pour about 1/2-3/4 c of cooking sherry in. Chop up 1 onion and add. Stir occasionally. Add a couple cups of chopped broccolli and/or califlour. Continue to saute. Add a chopped bell pepper. Add a bunch of gree onions. Spinich, , etc. can be added at this point. Add as much garlic as you can stand. I usually use 3 or 4 cloves. Add Rosemay, Oregano, Bay leaves, and small pinch of cayanne. Suate all of this until done. Usually just a few minutes. Add water to cous cous, stir well, and leave covered. Remove most of the vegetable from the skillit, leaving as much liquid as possible, and some of the vegetables. Add 2 cups of room temperature water to the remaining liquid. Mix two tablespoons of whole wheat flour in 1/2 cup of room temperature water until completely dissolved. Any lumps will prove disaterous. When the water in the skillit boils, and the water/whole wheat mixture. Stir until the gravy thickens. To serve put cous cous on each plate, top with vegetable, and gray.