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The cast of The Art of Murder - 1999 includes: Kathryn Anderson as Tina Mark Brandon as Ken Lothrop Nathaniel DeVeaux as Sheriff Powers Crawford Frank Gorshin Jaclynn Grad as Casey McHugh Boyd Kestner as Tony Blanchard Betty Linde as Ora Mae Howell Michael Moriarty as Cole Sheridan Peter Onorati as Willie Kassel Joanna Pacula as Elizabeth Sheridan Kim Stern as Waitress John Tierney as Burton Hiasen

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The cast of A Murder of Crows - 1998 includes: Carmen Argenziano as Judge Wiley Banning Tom Berenger as Clifford Dubose Jeremiah Black as Bailiff Derek Broes as Agent Manning Adrian Colon as Detective Tara Crespo as Young Woman Ellen Gerstein as Landlady Ron Gural as Neighbor Jim Hanna as Tulane Campus Police Officer Eric James as New Orleans Police Officer Wendy Keeling as Bartender Ashley Laurence as Janine DeVrie Julie Letche as Police Officer Jim Meskimen as Salesman Lochlyn Munro as Norwood Mark Pellegrino as Prof. Arthur Corvus Robert Peters as New Orleans Desk Sergeant Marisa Petroro as Laura Glendon Rich as Attorney Chad Rose as Policeman Anastasia Roussel as Clerk Nicolas Roye as Street Kid Sharon Samples as Chief Justice Stephen Snedden as Secretary Eric Stoltz as Thurman Parks III Shawn Suttles as Churkie Erik Thompson as Reporter Deneen Tyler as Althea Delroy Doug Wert as Billy Ray Richardson

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in A Murder of Crows - 1998?
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