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The cast of A Kract Affair - 1916 includes: Violet Dickens Julius Royston

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in A Kract Affair - 1916?
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What movie and television projects has Julius Royston been in?

Julius Royston has: Performed in "A Kract Affair" in 1916. Performed in "The Splendid Waster" in 1916. Performed in "The Gun-Runner" in 1916. Played Louis Perreira in "De Voortrekkers" in 1916. Performed in "A Story of the Rand" in 1916. Performed in "The Silver Wolf" in 1916. Played The Villain (Lorenzo Marks) in "And Then ---" in 1917. Played Jacques Le Toq in "The Symbol of Sacrifice" in 1918.