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I remember it being on a milk ad... Live on milk.

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Q: What TV commercial featured the song Because I love you by Masters Apprentices?
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When did The Masters Apprentices end?

The Masters Apprentices ended in 1972.

When was The Masters Apprentices created?

The Masters Apprentices was created in 1965.

What are the release dates for Planet X TV - 1995 Masters and Apprentices?

Planet X TV - 1995 Masters and Apprentices was released on: USA: 3 February 2010

What order did blacksmiths make their things in?

Do you mean apprentices or masters

What is the song with the lyrics'you what you what'?

It is "Because I Love You" by Masters Apprentices. The song appears on the album "Very Best of the Masters Apprentices." It's because I love you In my thoughts you'll always stay Ooh, Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be yeah See the related link below for full lyrics.

What terms Masters apprentices and journeymen are mostly closely associated with?


What tools do apprentices use?

There are apprentices in many different trades. It is probably safe to say that the apprectices use the same sort of tools as their masters

Why would masters not want their apprentices to go to the theatre?

probably because of some strict contemporary religious rules. Refer to the religious opposition to the early renaissance

Why were apprentices unhappy with the conditions of the apprenticeship system?

Apprentices were often unhappy with the conditions of the apprenticeship system because they were required to work long hours for low pay, had little control over their working conditions, and had limited opportunities for advancement or career growth. Additionally, some apprentices were subjected to abuse, exploitation, and poor treatment by their masters.

What did Walter Gropius call his students?

He called them apprentices, and the teachers were journeymen or masters**found in the Bruahuas manifesto

What band sang the song 'five ten man'?

Aussie band, The Masters Apprentices sang "5:10 man" in 1969

What was the name of the castle in He-man?

Castel Greyskull featured on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.