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It is at the beginning of the movie "The Empire Strikes Back"

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Q: What Star Wars movie is the Hoth battle on?
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What Star Wars movie has the hoth battle in it?

Episode 5, "The Empire Strikes Back"

Which is better Lego Star Wars hoth echo base or Lego Star Wars battle of endor?

This question is debatable.

How do you beat the at-at in Lego star wars 3ds hoth battle?

wind around it, then, when he falls down, get a bomb and let it go at him

In Lego Star Wars the complete saga how do you beat the at-at in the hoth battle?

Shoot out your tow cable by pressing z or c and circle them like on the movie and the small ones same thing

What are the At-At's in star wars?

they where used on hoth to destroy the generators

What planet did Luke Skywalker hide in an animal to keep from freezing in Star Wars?

The ice planet featured in the movie, Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, where Luke had to be placed within a warm tauntaun (imaginary pack animal) to be kept alive was HOTH.

Where did they film planet hoth for star wars?

The real-world location for the planet Hoth is Finse, Norway

How do you get the slave 1 in Lego Star Wars 2?

u have to get all minikit pieces in the hoth battle level do not foret to find all of them

Which planet in the Star Wars universe is covered with snow and ice?


What Star Wars movie is the one where Luke is in the snowy rebel base?

That was Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The rebel base at the beginning of the film was found on the ice world of Hoth.

The Battle of Yavin was the climax of what movie?

Star Wars

Where can one find information on hoth?

One can find information on Hoth from websites such as Wikipedia. As well as this, one may find information on Hoth in books on Star Wars or by watching the series.