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Tenten does. She is very pertty

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Many characters in Naruto has black hair, like Sai or several members from the Uchiha clan or Hyuga clan

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Q: What Naruto characters have brown hair?
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What is the most common hair color in anime shows for the main characters to have?

For male is Brown Hair and Brown Eyes. But for female well any.

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I dont really know who he goes with but I think he look goods with(not hinata) that girl with the redish-brown hair.

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Katara from avatar: the last airbender is a good person to cosplay as. I have the same problem, my hair's brown and there are like, no anime characters with long, brown hair.

What are some physical characteristics of the characters in Ender's Game?

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Sakura and Naruto are the main characters in what series?

The characters Sakura and Naruto are the main characters in the Japanese anime series Naruto. More detail about this Japanese cartoon can be found on Wikipedia.

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How come in Japanese anime they give there characters different colored hair and eyes when they have black hair and brown eyes?

In anime, different colored hair and eyes are used as a way to visually distinguish characters and make them more unique and easily recognizable to the audience. This artistic choice helps to make characters stand out and adds to the overall aesthetic of the show.

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