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No, she is not. If she were then Michelle had Kiely at the age of 6. Kiely's real mother is casting director Kim Williams.

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Q: What Michelle Williams is Kiely Williams mom?
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Is kiely mom Michelle Williams from Disney child's?

Actually Michelle is Kiely's legal guardian. No. There are no relation between the two, although Kiely's sister name is Michelle Williams but not the same Michelle from Destiny's Child

Is kellie shanygne Williams related to kiely Williams?

Kiely Williams does have a sister named Michelle but not the actress or the singer.

What is kiely William's mum's name?

Her name is Michelle Williams

Who is Kiely Willams mom from Disney?

Kiely Williams' mother passed away when she was just seven months old. She was raised by her father and two older sisters. Michelle, the oldest of the three girls, took on the motherly role for Kiely and Tse.

What is the birth name of Kiely Williams?

Kiely Williams's birth name is Kiely Alexis Williams.

What is kiely Williams's email?

what is kiely williams's email

How tall is kiely Williams?

kiely Williams is around 6 feet

When was Kiely Williams born?

Kiely Williams was born on July 9, 1986.

What is Kiely Williams's birthday?

Kiely Williams was born on July 9, 1986.

What is Kiely Williams' number?

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What race is Kiely Williams?

Kiely Williams is a black female American from Virginia.

Joe thomas dating kiely Williams mother?

Joe Thomas as know as the singer/artist "Joe"dated Kiely Williams' mom, long ago when Joe was brand new on the scene. She (Michele Williams) was featured as a songwiter on His "All That I Am" album.