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He's in Ben 10:The negative 10.he's also in the beginning of Ben 10 Secret of the Omnitrix

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Q: What Ben 10 episode is Eyeguy in?
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Where can you purchase eyeguy when it is released?

ben 10 eye guy

What is Ben 10 Eyeguy?

Ben 10 Eyeguy is an alien who has eyes all over him except for his face. And he has one big eye on his chest that can shoot a laser. Visit for more information.

Which is the ben 10 alien who has a bundle of eyes which shoots lasers?


Ben 10 DNA lab eyeguy DNA code?

lwvz lwvz

How do you unlock stinkfly diamondhead wildmutt and Eyeguy in Ben 10 protector of the earth on ds?

dont think you can

Where did ben 10 new aliens like eyeguy and muscleman came from?

It was'nt said where Eye Guy came from. Muscleman is NOT a REAL alien.

What episode is ken 10 on ben 10?

It is in Ben 10 season 4 episode 8 Hope that helped (what I mean is when Ben and Gwen are little)

What is the order of Ben 10 watch?

the order of the ben 10 omnitrix (watch) is in order: heatblast, wildmutt, diamond head, greymatter, fourarm, stinkfly, xlr8, ripjaw, upgrade, ghostfreak, canonbolt, wildvine, upchuck, ben wolf, ben mummy, ben victor, eyeguy, ditto, waybig

Is there a episode 50 of Ben 10?

no sorry but there is ben 10 alian force

What is the ben 10 episode with ben as a baby?

And Then There Were 10...

What is episode 14 on Ben 10 Alien Force?

Ben 10 Alien Force Episode 14: Darkstar Rising

Where you can find ben 10 episode ben 10 vs the negative 10?