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John Denver covered these songs:

  • 01 Here, There & Everywhere - 2011 John Denver Sings 02:35
  • 02 Mother Nature's Son - 2011 Rocky Mountain High 02:29
  • 03 Yesterday - 2011 John Denver Sings 02:16
  • 04 Junk - 2011 Poems, Prayers And Promises 01:43
  • 05 She Loves You 02:33
  • 06 When I'm Sixty-Four 02:03
  • 07 Eleanor Rigby - 2011 Whose Garden Was This 03:09
  • 08 And I Love Her - 2011 John Denver Sings 03:11
  • 09 Let It Be - 2011 Poems, Prayers And Promises 03:39
  • 10 In My Life - 2011 John Denver Sings 01:51
  • Golden Slumbers / Sweet Sweet Life / Tremble If You Must (Version II) - 2011 Whose Garden Was This 04:29
  • 12 Mother Nature's Son 02:27
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Q: What Beatle songs did John Denver cover?
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Is Mary travers the sister of john Denver?

No, she isn't. She and John Denver have collaborated on several songs together, and each has recorded cover versions of the other's material, but they are not related.

Which beatle wrote 10 of 13 songs on the British LP of A Hard Day's Night?

John Lennon

What has the author Christopher Canyon written?

Christopher Canyon has written: 'John Denver's Sunshine on my shoulders' -- subject(s): Children's songs, Songs, Songs and music, Sunshine, Texts 'Grandma's Feather Bed, with Audio CD (John Denver Series)' 'John Denver's Grandma's feather bed' -- subject(s): Beds, Children's songs, Family life, Grandmothers, Songs, Songs and music, Texts

When was No Bed For Beatle John created?

No Bed For Beatle John was created in 1969.

What John Denver album has an eagle on the cover?

aerie, in a silhouette

Did john Denver have a kid named Ted Vigil?

John Denver did NOT have a kid named Ted Vigil. Ted Vigil is a dead ringer in appearance and vocal talents for John Denver and performs concerts doing Denver's songs regularly.

What beatle sang each song?

The majority of the songs are sung mainly by John and Paul. Sometimes George. A little bit of Ringo.

Which Beatle is which on the cover of 'Abbey Road'?

From left to right: George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon.

What is the state song of Denver Colorado?

Colorado has 2 state songs - Rocky Mountain High (lyrics by John Denver) and Where the Columbines Grow

Which Beatle was born first?

If you're referring to the Abbey Road album cover where The Beatles are seen crossing Abbey Road, John Lennon was the Beatle walking in front of the others, followed by Ringo, then Paul, and finally George.

What beatle was without a mustache in Let It Be?

John Lennon was the Beatle without a mustache in Let It Be.

How many songs did John Denver write?

He has 25 studio albums listed in his discography.