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Q: What 80's sitcom had a grandma?
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Ann Jillian starred in an '80s sitcom called Slept Here?


Rosie O'Donnell had a recurring role on the '80s hit sitcom Gimme a Break?


What was the name of the robotic daughter in the 80s sitcom small wonder?

Victoria "Vicki" Ann Smith-Lawson

Gary Coleman starred in which 80s sitcom?

Gary Coleman is best known as a child actor in "Diff'rent Strokes."

What are the release dates for HGTV Design Star - 2006 The Final Four Bring Sets Inspired by '80s Sitcom the Facts of Life to This Century?

HGTV Design Star - 2006 The Final Four Bring Sets Inspired by '80s Sitcom the Facts of Life to This Century was released on: USA: 14 August 2012

Who is the creator of iCarly?

Dan Schneider, who used to be one of the stars of Head of the Class, a popular teen sitcom of the late 80s/early 90s.

Why did Simon amstell leave nevermind the buzzcocks?

So he could focus on his stand-up career and write his sitcom Grandma's House.

What is the name of the 1980 sitcom about a flapper girl that comes back to life in the 80s?

"Jennifer Slept Here" (1983-1984). Stars Ann Jillian, John P. Navin Jr.

What is the origin of kiss your grits?

This 80s sitcom called Alice. The waitress named Flo used to tell people to kiss her grits instead of using the more well know noun refering to her posterior.

Who was the 80s and 90s redheaded actress who went from movies to TV sitcom playing single professional comic illustrator very funny?

Lea Thompson. She starred in "Caroline in the City" from 1995-1999.

Who is the African American actor in the new yellow book commercial where he is sitting with his supposed wife waiting for the book to MAGICALLY appear He was in an 80s or 90s sitcom?

The name is Dorien Wilson. He is from the HBO show "Dream On" back in the early 90's.

The Presidential elections elections' election's of the 80s '80s 80s were exciting?

elections, '80s