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That Raj is a good writer apex

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Is convincing a character trait?

"Convincing" is not a character trait in itself, but rather a behavior or skill that someone can possess. A person who is convincing may have traits such as being persuasive, confident, and articulate.

What word best describes someone who is smart passionate strong helpful loving competitive and confident?

Practically perfect

Will someone be my boyfriend i am 11?

If they like you yes they would.Just be confident and kind and you will soon have loads of boys practically begging to be your boyfriend!

What are two things that make an effective speaker?

Conviction of what you're saying = Knowing what your saying with great understanding and you believe what you're saying is convincing Confidence in yourself = This usually means being charismatic or convincing people that you're confident and comfortable under the spotlight

How do you be convincing?

To be convincing, you should present strong evidence to support your argument, use logical reasoning to make your points clear, and be confident in your delivery. It's important to listen actively to the other person's perspective and address any concerns they may have. Additionally, building rapport and credibility can help increase your persuasiveness.

Why do you think it and rsquos important to appear confident during a rhetorical speech?

Appearing confident during a rhetorical speech is important because it helps to establish credibility with the audience, improves the delivery of your message, and makes it more convincing. Confidence also helps to hold the attention of the audience and can inspire trust in your abilities as a speaker.

Hot to be confident?

Well yes! being confident is good in every situation. If you are confident about how you look, everyone else will be confident around you. Hot to be confident? hmmm NO ! you dont have to be hot to be confident. ! But you definetly have to be confident to be hot ;)

Is confident and adjective?

Yes, confident is an adjective -- She is a confident person.

Did William Shakespeare meet the Ghost of Richard the Third?

If Shakespeare had anything to do with any ghosts in real life, he didn't say so, at least not to anyone who bothered to record it. But really, what a bizarre question! It's as though we were fairly confident that Shakespeare met a number of ghosts during his lifetime, but we are not exactly sure which ones, as though you were expecting an answer like "No, it was the ghost of Richard II he met" "Of course! How silly of me to forget!"

Why is Shakespeare going to such lengths to try to warn Caesar?

Shakespeare was not trying to warn Caesar who died 16 centuries before he was born. Are you asking what the dramatic effect is of the warning Caesar receives from the soothsayer and from Calpurnia? Dramatically, Caesar's reaction to the warnings may show him to be conceited and arrogant (or confident and level-headed, if you like him).

Confident in a sentence?

I am confident about my ability to do the job.The players seem more relaxed and confident this season.He has become more confident in his Spanish-speaking skills.They have a confident air about them.We are confident that conditions will improve soon.

Is Selena Gomez confident or arrogant?