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no they were not

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Q: Were chill wills and bob wills related?
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How tall is Chill Wills?

Chill Wills is 6' 2".

What is the birth name of Chill Wills?

Chill Wills's birth name is Theodore Childress Wills.

When was Chill Wills born?

Chill Wills was born on July 18, 1903.

What did Chill Wills win an Emmy for?

Chill Wills never won an Emmy.

What is the name of Chill Wills 1975 album?

Everybody's Cousin Chill Wills Music 501

How old is Chill Wills?

Chill Wills died on December 15, 1978 at the age of 75.

Was chill wills a racist?


What is Bob Wills's birthday?

Bob Wills was born on March 6, 1905.

'How long was bob wills a pediatrician'?

bob wills was a pediatrician for 35 yrs

When did Bob Wills die?

Bob Wills died on May 13, 1975 at the age of 70.

Who are the cast of mcclintock?

John Wayne , Maureen Ohara , Chill Wills,

When was George Jones Sings Bob Wills created?

George Jones Sings Bob Wills was created in 1962.