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No zoey is not joey's mum

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Q: Was zoey in war horse joey's mom?
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Who is Zoey in war horse?

Zoey is a friendly old horse in war horse. Joey first met Zoey when he moved to Alberts farm Zoey worked with Joey every day on the field up until the day that joey was sold to the army. When Joey returned after world war I Zoey was still on the farm working as good as ever.

What are the horses names in the war horse?

The main character horse and narrator of the story is Joey. His best friend is named Topthorn, and a horse at Joey's first home (where he was brought when he was first bought) is named Zoey, another farm horse.

Why didn't Albert's dad kill Joey in the book War Horse?

Albert's mom begged him not to.

Does the horse die in the War Horse movie?

joey and his owner Albert don't get killed. but 2 brothers and joeys horse friend die. the brothers die from getting shot as traitors in a field and Joey's friend dies from exhaustion. oh and a lot of other people die to like the first officer who rode joey and a lot of other soldiers. oh yes and joey and his owner are reunited in the end.

What genre is war horse?

war horse is mediveal genre

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo Which war does the War Horse fight in?

The Trojan War where the Greeks fought the Trojans

How did the horses get to the war in 'war horse'?

The dad sold Joey, the horse, to the army

What is the Red dead redemption war horse code?

The War horse code is a code used to unlock the War horse in Red Dead Redemption.

How did they say mom in world war 2?


Who illustrated War Horse?

Michael Foreman illustrated war horse by Michael Morpurgo

What is the theme in the book War Horse?

The theme is war. It's about a horse going to WW1.

When was war horse released as a book?

War Horse (book) was first published in 1982.