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"Gremlins 2: The New Batch" (1990). Stars Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, John Glover, Robert Prosky, Robert Picardo, Christopher Lee.

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Q: Was there another movie like gremlins?
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What movie had little fuzzy creatures that became nasty when wet?

This sounds like Gremlins (1984) and Gremlins 2 (1990). The placid mogwai version in Gremlins, which is sweet and cuddly like 'Gizmo', should not be made wet, because it hatches another cunning version like 'Stripe'. If this version is fed after midnight, it turns into the savage, destructive archetypal gremlin.

Why was the furby invented?

They wanted to create something that was like a Gizmo from the movie Gremlins

In the movie Gremlins which Disney film did the Gremlins watch in a cinema?

Gremlins 2 the new batch

Who was the voice of Gizmo in The Gremlins?

Howie Mandel was the voice of Gizmo in the movie Gremlins.

What movie is this quote from Don't get him wet keep him out of bright light and never feed him after midnight?

Gremlins. Gremlins! i love this movie! :)

What is the best gremlins movie?

All of them

Where would you find gremlins?

IF you are talking about the movie look at Blockbuster or something if not gremlins don't exist

In gremlins what is this creature calledwhite one?

in the Gremlins movie the Gremlin with a white mohawk is simply named SPIKE

Was Johnny Cash in Gremlins?

Johnny Cash was not in Gremlins, but country/folk singer Hoyt Axton was in the movie.

Does Gizmo die in the movie 'Gremlins'?

No, not in either.

Is Gremlin funny?

Are you an idiot? of coarse Gremlins is a funny movie. Gremlins 2, the new batch how ever is funnier.

Is a gremlin nice?

According to the movie 'Gremlins', gremlins are not nice. They multiply when you give them water, and grow when you give them food.