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Q: Was there a white female rapper from Compton that made a song called murder she wrote?
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What rappers where born in compton?

The Game - rapper, member of Bloods DJ Quik - rapper, member of Bloods Dr. Dre - rapper/producer, founder of Death Row Records & Aftermath Entertainment, member of N.W.A Ice Cube - rapper, actor, member of N.W.A, founder of Da Lench Mob Records Eazy-E - rapper/producer, founder of Ruthless Records, member of N.W.A, member of Crips Lil Eazy - rapper, son of Eazy-E MC Eiht- actor, rapper, member of Crips Terrance Quaites, TQ - rapper MC Ren - rapper, member of N.W.A Yella - D.J. for the World Class Wreckin' Cru and N.W.A Suge Knight - CEO of Death Row Records When creating a family tree of compton rappers you have to start at the roots. We are forgetting two essential artists that launched the scene in Compton: Mixmaster Spade and King Tee!! Also rappers like Amg, KK, Tha D, Mausberg, and Hi-C from Dj Quiks crew. Compton was also home to backpackers like Imani from The Pharcyde and from the Black Eyed Peas. Compton had pop rappers like Coolio. Also we are forgetting gangsta drexta and BG Knocc out from Eazys ruthless crew. Guerilla Black from the new era.

Is g bone the crip rapper dead?

Till this very day he is still living in Compton as an O.B.G. and has a rap group called Grown Folk. You can check him out on his Myspace or Youtube account.

How much time did rapper c-murder get?

He got life now

Is rapper cassidy a millionaire?

Yes, Cassidy is the a millionaire people who dont like him cause he will murder their favorite rapper just hate on him

Best selling female rapper?

nicki minaj