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Yes it was based on a Newark police detective by the name of David Toma

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Q: Was the tv show baretta based on a real life police detective?
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TV series 5-10 years ago on Baltimore police dept detective division?

Homicide: Life on the Streets

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Yes, It is the same book ....that was the title that was published in England.

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NO YOU DO NOT!!!!!!! Crime Scene Investigators are usually civilian employees, and are not sworn. Crime Scene Investigators only collect physical evidence, package it and then submit it for storage. Crime Scene Investigators do not pursue the bad guy, do not interview people and don't carry weapons. Detectives handle catching the bad guy.

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"The Mystery of Marie Roget" is loosely based on the sensational unsolved real-life mystery of the death of Mary Rodgers in July 1841.

Must you be a police officer to have a license to kill?

The police don't have a 'license to kill.' They are, however, authorized to be armed and, if necessary, take a life in protection of their own life, or the life of another. Police shootings are subject to the most SEVERE scrutiny.