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Q: Was the movie born free based on a true story?
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What influenced the Andy Williams song Born Free?

The song "Born Free" was inspired by Joy Adamson's book of the same name. Born Free tells the true story of Elsa the lioness (who was born in captivity) and the effort to successfully return her to the wild.A movie based on the book came out in 1966, with the theme sung by Matt Monro. Williams' version was released the following year.

Is free willy a true story?

I do not know if it is a true story but i do know that it is based on one i love free willy film and the other 4 stories 3 of them is all basedon the same story but the last is slightly diffrent story so it is told in a diffrent version

Is the movie Free state of Jones a true story?

Yes it is true.

What movie was Elsa the lion in?

The movies about the Lioness Elsa was "Born Free" and its sequel "Living Free" was about her cubs.

Where did the movie 'Born Free' take place?


How do you watch Maple story for free?

Maplestory is an online game, not a movie. You can download it for free actually, and play it! It's really fun!

What are the release dates for Nature - 1982 Elsa's Legacy The Born Free Story 29-7?

Nature - 1982 Elsa's Legacy The Born Free Story 29-7 was released on: USA: 9 January 2011

What is the animal called Patty in the movie Born Free?

She is a Rock Hyrax

What is a free movie?

a movie that is free

What is the theme to the book Born Free by Joy Adamson?

lions, it a really gd movie

Is Filmhill Free?

Based on my research, Filmhill is in fact free. My guess is that its free because they illegally upload the movies for no cost, and make a profit selling ad space. Happy movie watching!

Is the nanny show based on a true story?

i dont know look up the info cause i will not give it to you for free but i will give you the answer for5.00