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short answer is no

It was clear she reacted to what she saw ahead of her on the road, there was clearly one other vehicle involved apart from Lisa's vehicle that contributed to the accident, the possible use of cruise control on lisa"s vehicle would of contributed factor to the accident,there is no evidence to support or dispell the use of cruise control but frames taken from the video of lisa's accident show 4 seconds after she handed the cards back you can see the position of her legs for 10 frames of the video, my analysis concluded a strong possibility of cruise control based on the speed that was carried trough the accident and the lack of audio sound of Lisa braking (the only audio sound of the tire's was the sound made by the swerving action of Lisa's vehicle)

I don't believe the accident was avoidable as it was not started by Lisa and i do believe the outcome would be too difficult to predict had she not swerved to avoid hitting the other vehicle.

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Q: Was the car crash Lisa lopez fualt?
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