Was rod mckuen married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He has never married, and his " it doesn't matter who you love, but that you love " has made many question his sexuality. He has a long term companion that he calls his 'brother'. His very actions call this matter into importance. It will be a shame if he comes out near his death or after his passing.

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Q: Was rod mckuen married
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What is Rod McKuen's birthday?

Rod McKuen was born on April 29, 1933.

When was Rod McKuen born?

Rod McKuen was born on April 29, 1933.

How old is Rod McKuen?

Rod McKuen was 81 years old when he died on January 29, 2015 (birthdate: April 29, 1933).

Who is the narrator on The Sea by Anita Kerr and Rod McKuen?

I have the vinyl (The Complete Sea). Music by Anita Kerr/Words by Rod McKuen/Narrated by Jesse Pearson.

Who wrote It doesn't matter who you love or how you love but that you love?

Rod McKuen.

Who sang Seasons in The Sun?

Rod Mckuen 1964 / Terry Jacks 1975

Who sings A Boy Named Charlie Brown?

Rod McKuen wrote and sang the title song.

Where can I get a copy of Glenn Yarbrough Sings the Rod McKuen Songbook?

Ain't you glad you're living

What actors and actresses appeared in Say Goodbye - 1971?

The cast of Say Goodbye - 1971 includes: Rod McKuen as Narrator

Who narrated Rod McKuen's album The Sea?

I don't have any inside information here ... just a pretty good ear. And my best guess is that The Sea was narrated by actor Rock Hudson.You would be wrong...At the request of the narrator Rod McKuen did not publish the name of the one narrating. Years later and after several other albums done with Rod he granted the use of his name..Jesse Pearson.

Who sang the song Jean aside from oliver?

Rod McKuen wrote the song and performed it in the movie "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"

What has the author David Nutter written?

David Nutter has written: 'Rock Hudson/Rod McKuen: first recordings, London, March 1970'