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Doubtful since he was married to his wife Gwendolyn from 1929 until he died in 1987.

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Q: Was ray bolger the actor in the wizard of oz gay?
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Is scarecrow in wizard of oz gay?

There is no reference that indicates the character in the movie is gay. Ray Bolger is the actor who played the part. He was married to Gwendolyn Bolger from 1929 until his death in 1987.

What actor played the Scare crow in Wizard of Oz?

Ray Bolger played the role of the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz .

Who is Huck in the Wizard of Oz?

Ray Bolger/Scarecrow

Who plays Scarecrow on Wizard of oz?

In the 1939 make of the Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow was played by Ray Bolger.

Ray Bolger is perhaps best remembered for playing what role in The Wizard of Oz?


Who played the Scarecrow in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

Raymond Wallace Bulcao ka Ray Bolger [January 10, 1904-January 15, 1987].

In the wizard of oz character was looking for a heart?

The character looking for a heart was the scarecrow, played by Ray Bolger.

Scarecrow Wizard of Oz?

The nameless character was played by Ray Bolger in the l939 film and by Michael Jackson in ( The Wiz)

Is the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz still alive?

No, Ray Bolger died January 15, 1987 at age 83.

Scarecrow- who played the part?

Patrick McGoohan played 'The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh'. Ray Bolger Played the scarecrow in 'The Wizard of Oz'.

Who plays the straw man in Wizard of Oz?

In the original 1939 film, the straw man (Scarecrow) was played by Ray Bolger.

What is Ray Bolger's birthday?

Ray Bolger was born on January 10, 1904.