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yes he wz a victim of culculated deception since thisoccupation wz already planned during the berlin conference..futhermore he wz made to sign a document he did not fully understand with the help on people like father helm who told him lies..the move to get a charter by rhodes and the delaying of his diplomats as also a culculated move

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Q: Was lobengula a victim of calculated deception?
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Was lobengula a victim of deception?

Lobengula was a great king and leader of the Matabele who resided in the South/South West of the country of Zimbabwe. Was he a victim of calculated deception on occupation? As a viewpoint, possibly not, as the Shona lived in the North of the country and the first settlers arrived in Harare in the northern region of the country. The Shona never got on with the Matabele - which is a fact - so maybe it was a shrewd assessment on Lobengula's part. Who knows? The above is a brief analogy, it can be so easy to criticize and cast aspersions but what does this really achieve. There is nobody still living who was around at the time of Lobengula's reign.

Did king lobengula want war?

lobengula did not want war,nor was he keen to quarrel with the whites. HE was however tricked in believing that the whites had came to save him and his empire through missionaries.It is to great extend valid that Lobengula was a VICTIM OF CALCULATED DECEPTION,there was nothing he could have done to avert colonisation for it was an already drafted plan that was planned at the Berlin conference and unfortunately the Ndebele State was 'sphere of influence'.

When was Lobengula born?

Lobengula was born in 1845.

What killed lobengula?

Lobengula apparently died of smallpox.

When did Lobengula die?

Lobengula died in 1894-01.

Who is themp for Lobengula?

The member of parliament for Lobengula is Nkomo Samuel Sipepa.

To what does Lobengula compare the British?

Lobengula compares the British to a hungry chameleon

Lobengula's description of Britain's intentions was accurate Why or why not?

Yes, Lobengula, the writer, saw his people as being devoured by the British.

How effective were the strategies used by Lobengula to resist European penetration in 1870 to 1893?

what are the strategies used by lobengula to resist the Europeans

What is the name of Member of the House of Assembly for Lobengula constituency in Zimbabwe?

The name of Member of the House of Assembly for Lobengula constituency in Zimbabwe is Nkomo Samuel Sipepa.

Was lobengula to be blamed for the colonisation of Zimbabwe?

Lobengula was responsible for the colonisation of zimbabwe because he signed treaties like rudd concession

Which king signed the Rudd consation?

King lobengula