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was aglipay justified in joining aguinaldo?

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Q: Was aglipay justified in joining aguinaldo?
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Was aguinaldo justified in having bonifacio executed?

Not everyone will agree. If you believe Bonifacio's actions were tresonous, yes his execution was justified. If you believe his actions were not treasonous, then his execution was not justified.

Who is the pope for aglipay?

IN ENGLISH my third grandfather. because my mother`s grandfather is bishop of aglipay .the grandfather of bishop of aglipay, is pope of aglipay, the uncle of pope of aglipay is gregorio aglipay.............. IN TAGALOG aking pangatlong lolo.kasi ang lolo ng nanay ko ay obispo ng aglipay, ang lolo ng obispo ng aglipay ay isang pope ng aglipay ,ang tito ng pope ng aglipay ay si gregorio aglipay

What is the Aglipay religion?

Answer: The Aglipay Church is the informal name for the Philippine Independent Church established by Fr. Gregorio Aglipay in 1902.

When was Gregorio Aglipay born?

Gregorio Aglipay was born on 1860-05-05.

When did Gregorio Aglipay die?

Gregorio Aglipay died on 1940-09-01.

Who founded Philippine independent church?

gregorio aglipay

What is the tagalog word of aguinaldo shrine?

Aguinaldo Shrine-Dambana ni Aguinaldo

Who is the father of aguinaldo?

Carlos Aguinaldo

Who is Emilio Aguinaldo's wife?

hilaria aguinaldo

Who is the father of Emilio aguinaldo?

Emilio Aguinaldo's birth name is Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy.

How did Aguinaldo counteract such aggression?

How did Aguinaldo counteract such aggression?

What did imilio aguinaldo do in Philippines?

what is the weakness of imilio aguinaldo