Was The Monkees a real band?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes they were.

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Q: Was The Monkees a real band?
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What was the Monkees'?

The Monkees were a tv show, and also a band like the Beatles, including Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones. A REAL SPOOF!!

What kind of band is the monkees?


Which band sang you are a believer?

The monkees

Which band had their own TV sitcom?

The Monkees

How is the inventor of white out related to the band the monkees?

Bette Nesmith invented White-Out and her son Michael was a Monkees member.

What band is like the Beatles?

People will hate me for saying this, but ... the Monkees.

Are the Gorillaz a Christian band?

No, Gorillaz is not a Christian band. They are simply a trip-hop band.

In 1966 what band became the star of a hit TV show?

The Monkees

The candy store prophets recorded much of what band's music?

The Monkees

How did the monkees begin their band?

The network and the producers held open auditions

What was unusual about the Monkees apart from being about a fake rock band?

The Monkees was one of a very few civilian ( which excludes service comedies) sitcoms that was not, in any sense about a family, and also one of less than a handful that oculd be called Musical Comedies- the others being Partridge Family and in a sense, Sha-Na-Na. The Monkees television show was about a fake rock band, but the Monkees themselves were far from being fake. They were a real rock band in real life. Agreed. If by fake you mean manufactured, the same charge could be made against many other groups. The Grass Roots and the Village People were manufactured, and the Oak Ridge Boys are nothing more than a corporation.

What is Zayn Malik's fav band?

Some of the bands Zayn likes are: NSYNC, Beatles, and the Monkees.